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    Thanks for your answer, it's appreciated.

    About your link, Sorry yes this is not a "bug" but a problem. I don't really know the difference between "bug" and "having an issue", for me this is the same.

    It happened long time ago now (some months). I re-installed Nginx that make my issue disapper. But this week end it happened again and every minute.

    The only thing i did is to watch movies on my NAS.

    The command line gave :

    Right know i have no more probleme. That's strange.


    I can't use the web control panel cause of Nginx stops every minute :

    Dec 6 00:07:01 OpenMediaVault systemd[1]: Stopping A high performance web server and a reverse proxy server...
    Dec 6 00:07:01 OpenMediaVault systemd[1]: nginx.service: Succeeded.
    Dec 6 00:07:01 OpenMediaVault systemd[1]: Stopped A high performance web server and a reverse proxy server.
    Dec 6 00:07:01 OpenMediaVault systemd[1]: Starting A high performance web server and a reverse proxy server...
    Dec 6 00:07:01 OpenMediaVault systemd[1]: Started A high performance web server and a reverse proxy server.

    Screenshoot of bug below

    Any idea?

    Thank you


    I decided to install and setup a Sane server on my NAS.

    Device used is a HP Deskjet 2130 that works as printer already through a Cups server.

    At this point, my NAS see my scanner but clients can't access. Windows see it with only 2 software but can't use it.

    Ubuntu can't see it.

    Below some results from the NAS.

    scanimage -L
    device `hpaio:/usb/DeskJet_2130_series?serial=CN66F4B36Y065T' is a Hewlett-Packard DeskJet_2130_series all-in-one
    device `net:' is a Hewlett-Packard DeskJet_2130_series all-in-one

    id saned
    uid=115(saned) gid=121(saned) groupes=121(saned),7(lp),120(scanner)

    ls -lR /dev/bus/usb/002/003
    crw-rw-rw- 1 saned saned 189, 130 nov. 22 12:04 /dev/bus/usb/002/003

    netstat -anlp | grep 6566
    tcp6 0 0 :::6566 :::* LISTEN 1/init

    Do you see something wrong?


    I get back the gui.

    I did :

    apt purge nginx nginx-full openmediavault
    sudo service apache2 stop
    apt install nginx
    then :
    apt install openmediavault

    Now it's working, but i have " Failed to connect to socket: No such file or directory" at login. I will investigate.

    bye bye

    Edit : "failed to connect [...]or directory" solved with this below into the ssh terminal :

    # systemctl unmask openmediavault-engined.service
    # systemctl enable openmediavault-engined.service
    # systemctl start openmediavault-engined.service


    Since few days i hadn't webgui panel. It begin when i did a "sudo apt upgrade" that broke some dependencies. I tried to fix that by "Fix-Broken". Then nginx failed to start.

    I tried to reinstall it but i got the message that nginx can't be configured and can't start.

    Command "sudo nginx" give :

    nginx: [emerg] bind() to [::]:80 failed (98: Address already in use)

    omv-firstaid give :

    Failed to connect /var/lib/openmediavault/engined.sock: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

    Sudo dpkg --configure -a give :

    I browsed internet, and found no solution.

    Can you help me.

    Thank for your time.

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to create a scanner server on my NAS.

    I read documentation about Sane server but i read that Windows can't access through. All the clients are Windows clients (W7 and W10).

    Does it exist an other way without using Sane?



    Hi everyone,

    I am new in your community. I own an OMV nas for 6 mounths now, I solved some problems reading the forum. But I couldn't solve three others.

    First, i got this message in "system log" :

    OpenMediaVault smartd[471]: Device: /dev/disk/by-id/ata-HGST_HTS541010A9E680_JA1006103BL68V, unable to autodetect device type

    OpenMediaVault smartd[471]: Device: /dev/disk/by-id/ata-HGST_HTS541010A9E680_JA1006103BL68V, not available

    But this hdd no longer exist. System tries to mount it at each start.

    Second this message, always in "system log" :

    OpenMediaVault smbd[23791]: [2020/11/05 16:51:35.446462, 0] ../source3/param/loadparm.c:3362(process_usershare_file)

    OpenMediaVault smbd[23791]: process_usershare_file: stat of /var/lib/samba/usershares/bulk failed. Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type

    But this folder, that was in my actual HDD, no longer exist.

    Disk and folder aren't show in "share folder" or "SMB" or "files system". I deleted and unmount all before unplug the disk.

    Third, this is with NGINX :

    Execution failed nginx

    Does not exist nginx

    As i know Nginx is not installed on my system (Maybe i wrong), and i don't need it (maybe i wrong too).

    I didn't find any thread to solve these problems. Or maybe i searched with the wrong key words.

    Does anybody can help me?