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    Guys I think this article from Google will help with this question! There is different alternative to plex soft, for example:

    1. Emby

    2. Kodi

    3. Serviio

    And others! It is possible to find Free soft! If you want you can just click here on link:…est-plex-alternatives.htm

    I did it like this: 1. Created a Samba user group (smbgroup)

    2. Created the user smbuser and included it in this group

    did it through KUser,

    3. use system-config-samba to add this user to the Samba user group

    4. corrected smb. conf. Also, try entering the network administrator name in the KDEPrint window instead of your regular account.

    There are automatic tools for searching for configuration and restoring RAID. If you set the array level in it, it will try to find the initial sequence of disks, the block size, and assume an algorithm for writing information to disks.

    You can improve the performance of RAM by increasing the voltage using the "Voltage Setting" parameter, safely 1.2-1.35 V, maximum-1.6 V. you should be very careful there is a risk of burning RAM.

    It is cool that everybody now can understand Italian. I mean the usage of Google Translate. However, the default language for the majority of the programs and soft/HD manuals is English. It would be better if English is used here. Thank you.

    The choice of the motherboard must depend on the hardware of the computer. For example, an LGA socket is suitable for an Intel processor, and an AM model for AMD processors. In addition, it is impossible to advise purchasing any kind of motherboard, because each user chooses a computer based on their needs.

    In the event that your provider uses the IPv6 protocol, you may need to set the parameters manually. Although, in most cases, addresses are assigned automatically. The provider has a DHCP server that distributes unique addresses to subscribers. And if this protocol does not have access to the network, or the Internet, then most likely the provider has some technical problems.

    It will work as I understand. You can also check the compatibility when getting OMV. However, find the OMV hardware requirements on the net. You can also call the master to explain it to you. He might do it even by phone.