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    I had exactly this issue.

    Couldn't even run the updater in the omv web interface without an error.

    In my case i fixed it by removing all the smb integrations, all the references in the omv interface (virus scan, shared folders, SMART schedules etc etc), unmounted the file systems and finally the drives themselves.

    Then i restarted the system with the media drives unplugged, and was able to run the updater.

    I also removed any reference to media disks in the omv interface so there is just the system disks.

    Then i shut down and plugged the drives back in, and remounted all the filesystems and restored all the integrations.

    This fixed the issue.

    I suspect it was caused by omv having stale entries in its database, so its expecting drives to exist in /srv/ that are no longer there.

    Doing this was less work than re-installing and rebuilding from scratch, so its worth a try imo.