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    Thank you. I know that Nginx Reverse Proxy is working fine, and is easy to setup, but with Traefik you get autodiscovery of the containers you deploy, you just have to add the Traefik LABELS manually. In the perfect world, this should all happen automatically. It will get there I predict.

    Of course, if you only have a few sites it might be overkill with Traefik, but again, it's a nice challenge to get it working. On Github you'll find new Traefik composer files daily to set this up more "easily".

    Docker is amazing and makes life easy, compared to full-blown LAMP servers, etc.

    Lets see :)

    Thank you for answer. One question:

    I think there will be a conflict with ports, my nextcloud/letsencrypt container uses 443 (and it's open in router) and OMV uses 80

    Sorry about the delay...yea, forgot that OMV is using port 80 as well. I changed my own to something else before running the deployment, some time ago :)

    I'm doing a lot of work these days, to implement Traefik Reverse Proxy on the Docker server. I want to use the latest Traefik v.2.1 , so it goes a little slow because of the recent changes.

    My guess is that eventually Traefik will become a part of Docker, to enable reverse proxy to its users. It's complicated to implement and hard to grasp, for the normal user, but it will get there eventually.

    We really need a stable logical reverse proxy to work with the Docker setup, as a native service configurable from an UI. Traefik is nice but changing rapidly.

    I hope that you will get everything running to your liking.

    Thank you @ryecoaaron

    Had a suspicion that it could be done that way, thank you for letting me know.

    Working on getting Traefik v2.1 to work and understand how it operates, that was why I had to update to the latest docker-compose myself.

    If there are any Traefik v2.1 experts in here, please write a detailed OMV tutorial on how to get the most out of it on OMV5 :)

    Howto upgrade Docker-Compose on OMV5

    This is the path of Docker-Compose on my OMV5 installation:

    # whereis docker-compose
    docker-compose: /usr/bin/docker-compose /usr/share/man/man1/docker-compose.1.gz

    Here is how to upgrade Docker-Compose to v1.25.4 (latest as of 11. FEB 2020)

    Fire up a terminal :) - type these commands, one line at a time.

    curl -L`uname -s`-`uname -m` -o /usr/bin/docker-compose
    chmod +x /usr/bin/docker-compose

    That's it!


    # docker-compose -v
    docker-compose version 1.25.4, build 8d51620a

    I wrote this because maybe someone need to know how and where docker-compose is installed, as they cannot use the default docker-compose path, which is stated in the doc.

    That's actually really easy for you to do :)

    EDIT: OMV is running on port :80, so you should change that before running this container, or change the ports of the letsencrypt container like this:

    -p 7443:443
    -p 7780:80

    I just added a "7" or two. This means that you can catch your website on port :7780 for the http part. eg. or

    I changed the OMV port myself, before doing this. I'm working on implementing a reverse proxy to take care of the ports automatically.

    Anyways...sorry about the confusion.

    Paste this into your portainer/stacks:

    Change it to your system, like PUID and PGID, TZ, URL, etc. If the validation is "http" you don't need the "DNSPLUGIN=" line 16.
    You can add all the domains you like, just add new lines, like "- #optional" and "- #optional"

    When you have changed all of your settings to your specific system, just push "deploy" and bingo, you have a running website on nginx with let's encrypt.


    A "quick" solution would probably be to give execute and read rights on all subdirectories and read rights on all files to "all" (chmod a+rx and chmod a+r respectively).

    EDIT: I forgot to ask, which docker image is it you're using for LMS? I'm searching for one myself :-)

    I'm using this one:

    It's running fine and I can even use the 3'rd party Spotify plugin on it with my classic players. I had an install of LMS running on the server, which I removed, and now it's running in docker using very few resources. It's even faster now. Docker is really a very nice addition to the server. It amazes me how light it's running. I have been using KVM on another server for a decade and I really have to change my paradigm on using containers instead.

    Ok, I can chmod the folders.

    Thank you for your answer.

    Bit lazy, but I read the guide, which is nice, also looked through the forum but no avail. I have some trouble with permissions on the volume folders. I installed a Logitechmediaserver in Docker, and can mount my /music folder ok, but the medie-scanner cannot scan subfolders in the mount. There must be something with Docker and user/group. A little hint would be nice.


    Thx. Don't think it does....neither of nfs, webdav, glusterfs, sshfs, ftpfs, and samba shares are compatible with S3 I think, but I might be wrong. Either way, I might just try to see if I can find some Docker image which have S3 sync capabilities, then again, I have to get into the Docker terminology and test it out on a production machine.

    Thank you for your answer. A S3 sync plugin could come handy. S3 prices are nice for backup, I have like 80GB mp3's for a couple of bucks in storage, which I will delete and replace with photos, so 200GB for $2-$3 a month would be a nice investment.

    Also Google have some good prices for backup storage, but it's probably the same plugin wise.



    Have anyone seen or build an Amazon S3 sync plugin?

    I have hundreds of gigs of photos, which I would like to upload to Amazon S3 for backup and view, and would like to do that from OMV.

    Alternative I could install a docker, "which is now stable", and from there sync with S3, but if there is a plugin with that feature, I would prefer that over Docker.




    Might be browser cache.


    True. Try to temporarily disabling cache by setting the
    appropriate checkbox in the chrome debug console (can be a bit tricky to
    find, but there are settings for the debug console itself). Then reload
    the GUI with the console open to bypass cache.

    True. No error in Chrome, only in FF. Issue solved. Thx.


    Did you try the apt clean button? Shows up on all of my systems.

    Tried with apt-clean and all is well - the plugin is back :) - openmediavault-docker-gui 0.2.10 shows in the virtualization section on the plugin install page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Btw, I'm getting a js error in the omv-gui: Script: http://OMVIP/extjs/ext-all.js:22 - will try to figure out what causes this error. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the Docker in omvextrasorg, but I think it came after doing prep with the back kernel and the Docker test repo, or after the last update of OMV. Will try to investigate.

    Thank you for your help.


    It is in the docker-testing repo. You also must be using amd64.

    Sure am on amd64 bit, was just checking up on the version number of Docker-UI in the plugin section, but it's not in there. A dodgy update or is the plug removed from this version?

    EDIT: just re-enabled the Docker test repo but it still does not show any Docker plugin to install. Must be a config error on your behalf?

    Thank you Henkall. I will wait and utilize a virtualization method instead, like run the toolkit in a VM instead, if at all. Until then I will use a USB install medium. Have been reading up on it and I think it's not worth the effort to implement it in the current version of PXE on OMV, and since I only have a few machines, which needs an upgrade, I will just use a stick instead.

    I was also making research for future reference, but I don't want to hack my way through a solution, it was just if it was easy.

    Thx anyway :)

    Hi. Thx for the PXE functionality. Nice to have a PXE server in the network.

    Well, trying to gather some insight on WinPE and/or creating a Win10 install function in PXE. Have been searching OMV forums and the net, but it's a little flaky and uncertain on how to make it in PXE.

    Anyone made a WinPE with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2013 included?:…oad/details.aspx?id=48595 - and have a genuine Win10 install source on PXE in OMV? Need to install a couple of Win10 machines and more will come later, would be nice to have these ISO's boot-able on the PXE server.

    Can anyone give a little insight on WinPE with the memdisk method? Like a paste of the setup?

    Anyone have utilized this OMV PXE server setup for installing Win10 on clients?

    Thx for your work.

    Thx. Well, Kodi-Headless is very useful in my case, but I'm also interested in building a static generator of some kind, maybe a Webhook-CMS server or something like that. While we are at it, I'm reading up on Stackato and Docker right now, and the concept of running everything as Paas. There are different players out there, like CoreOS, Stackato, Vagrant, etc. This morning I cycled through the following links and it looks quit interesting. Since Stackato offers a VirtualBox image it should be very easy to test, there are also images for KVM and VmWare. I know it's a little of-topic, but there might be something in it which can be utilized.…-challenges-enterprise-it…2015-02-docker-challenges


    So thankful about this and the work done, but since "Keep in mind that this is a TESTING release and thus only install this in a VM or other test environment!" is stated, what's the catch? I mean, is it straight forward to use Docker as it is right now in OMV? Any caveats? X-tra work which needs to be done from the users side? I know it's testing and there might be issues, but are you actually using it yourself and is it somewhat stable?

    I see two entries in the plugin dir; Docker 0.4 and Docker-gui 0.2.1. Is Docker 0.4 a dependency which will install automatically when the gui is installed? I have not yet installed Docker-gui, but I have installed the back-kernel and everything is ready to go, I'm just hesitating a little because of my own ignorance and insecurity.

    Otherwise thank you so much for your work with Docker. I really hope that Docker will integrate fully with OMV, or as much as it can.