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    I have installed OMV5 on my raspberry pi 4, at first I set only one shared folder and set smb share without any issue, and I transfered 40GB movies from my win10 desktop to test, everything works just fine. then I set up couple more folders like music, movie, tv to sort things up, and I installed pi-hole and emby in docker, I dont think these matter but suddenly I cannot access the shares. originally I could go to the shared folders on my desktop but cannot write on them, after I tried to change some user privilege and ACLs the shares just denied me from access them, saying I dont have permission to access. My desktop is running Win10 Pro 2004 19041.630, I have tried on my other devices such as my android phone, ipad, my laptop running Win10 Home 1903 18362.1139, NUC running PopOS linux, they all can access and read and write on the shares (I set all my shared folders as everyone read/write/execute and smb allow guest) even my xbox one can play the videos using VLC via smb.

    I have tried creating new user with user and sambashare group read/write as some other topic I found having similar issue and add windows credential with it, didnt work. I also tried backup the credential from my laptop and restore on my desktop, didnt work either.

    any idea what the problem could be?||