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    I'm new to this as well. But after loading and reloading over the past week and 1/2. I've learning that this OS runs just fine on some low end hardware. I'm sure 8 or 16Gigs would be plenty for those 2 things you going to run. with a small SFF your most likely not going to be able to install more than 1 Hard Drive. So your most likely will be booting off a USB which is fine. It just means OS boot would be what it is. I think you should try stuff with 8Gig's and if its just using too much resources then bump up to 16gigs. Also cool thing I found in this software you can limit your docker in how much memory it uses per a container. I thought that setting was pretty cool.

    I've been using FreeNAS for a while. FreeNas community can be kind mean when it comes to your hardware. They expect people to spend some extra dollars to make something server class. Anyway I'm really new to Openmediavault. But switch over seams like the way to go. Somethings are not as easy to do as FreeNAS Jails. But there are somethings that are way better. After playing around with this for the past week. I have figured out that you don't need nearly as much memory as a FreeNas box to do all the same stuff. Also Im learning that dockers are much better than jails with the OS being on Debian. you have a a lot more options to install. I did learn a little bit though Cause I like using ZFS and Raid pools (that's just me not sure about others here) You should install the Proxmox Kernal before adding the ZFS plug in. I noticed I saw errors at the end of the script during my first few times loading and reloaded. But if I used the Proxmox Kernal before loading that plug in I didn't see those. But so far my hold hardware with a i5 and 16GB ram with 3 driver for ZFS is running good only took me 45 minutes to setup after redoing it several times learning stuff. I don't know what that snap raid is though I was not sure about that one. I was more interested in ZFS personally.

    I've been reading all the stuff on docker to try to configure a way to add a second IP to a docker. And I'm just not having any luck.

    Cause I really wanted to assigned a different IP address for PI-Hole. I didn't want to use the Host IP. And honestly there is going to be something out there where it will be helpful.

    I tried that but got some sort of error about not able to do edit in a Kubix cluster or something like that. Or something that started with a K.

    Anyway I gave up and reloaded again already going to try using someone else's guide or video to get a docker going. If I cant figure it out after this pass I'm giving up. This is my 6th or 7th time reloaded. I like to get stuff right vs uninstalling stuff. Anyway like I said I think this might be my last attempt to get a docker and plex going the way I expected. It kind of sucks that a lot of the videos out here don't match up cause of slightly different versions.

    Ok I think I'm still figuring it out. I figured out how to install a docker today. I followed the video for setting up Dockerstarter I think it was.

    That's a little tricky and it didn't really help me set up all the global prams very well. I know I must sound like I dont know much. I'm just use to some of the easier settings that FreeNAS did. I think I like most of the settings in OpenMediaVault better. But right now I'm really struggling with the network settings and like how to Name my Plex Host in DockerStarter. I cant seams to change any of those settings in any kind of GUI after its created in Dockerstarter. Same with network. I cant seam to change that either. I need to figure out how I can maybe create a small DHCP pool or a way I can like change the IP address of the Docker. This is very frustrating.

    I'm sorry this post my be in the wrong place. I cant figure out if this is a install issue or what yet. I'm coming from a FreeNas enviroment I started that at version 9 something. And setup a simple plex media server and just did updates a upgraded a few times. But never had any big issues and I barley had any need to get in and use the CLI or putty maybe a few times but nothing major.

    I had a custom computer I made last year I didn't end up using. So I added some extra spare hard drives and loaded OpenMediaVault to planning to move off my Freenas box.

    I'm sorry again getting off topic.

    I need help setting up Dockers and using these templates.
    TechoDad does some really great simple video BTW. But it's not really matching up to a new install of OpenMediaVault. I really wanted to go this route VS Freenas. Cause the Dockers choices look way better than what FreeNas calls Plugin's. Granted I'm sure there is some major differences.

    But I really wanted to run Plex and get rid of my little RasberyPi I use for Pi-Hole. And push these into OpenMediaVault.

    My Setup is pretty simple and I'm not planning on doing a lot more than what I got right now.

    I'm running a AMD Ryzen 5 3400G with GPU 32GB ram

    a NVME 256GB a 240gig SSD and 3 - 5TB SATA drives.

    I'm not going to buy new hardware if I cant use this or get too much crap about it. I just say screw using this and find a different product and give this software choice the finger.

    So how do I set this up and should I install the Dockers to my 240gig SSD and move that to be the source. or just install things as the defaults pop up?

    I did see like how I could define the dockers install path. I didn't know if I should do that or not. Or if I should just keep the defaults. Cause I have OpenMediaVault installed on my NVME already. Also once I install Dockers do I need Portainter? or do I just use Yacht? Or should I reload and use a earlier version where I can find more guides that can help me set this up easier? I'm just very lost on how to make this all work.