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    I find rather amusing that people need to SHOUT it's totally unnecessary and resolves nothing!!


    Minidlna is supplied as a plugin once omv-extras have been installed due to the fact that your installation has failed for some reason.

    1- I'm not shouting! I just copy-pasted this from the forum and did not know how to reduce the size... That's all.

    2- Why "NO"? If the default repositories given by the installer I got from the official omv site provide wrongly compiled software (as minidlna) why the installer itself should not be faulty somewhere?

    3- "installation has failed for some reason" That's the reason I am seeking and clues to find it...

    If you are not able to connect to the GUI of OMV means th1ere is something seriously wrong with the installation.

    Installing of OMV-extras does not make sense in that case.

    OK! But what went wrong? I downloaded openmediavault_5.5.11-amd64.iso from the official omv site.

    I checked the shasum.

    I run the installation without any problem.

    This install seems to work correctly...

    So, what else? Maybe something is wrong with the packages in the default repositories submitted by omv (file source list for apt)?

    For instance: I was strugling with minidlna installed from these repositories: it cannot "see" my audio flac files. And I just discovered why: this minidlna version is not compiled with flac supports enabled!!!!

    That's stupid!

    Fortunately, most of my computers are fedora installed and I changed minidlnad from debian with minidlnad from fedora and now it works!

    So (for today) I no more need to test the minidlna plugin.

    Thank you for these answers.


    You can install that from the cli, but if the WebUI is not working this will fail!!

    A possible solution from the author of the PDF is that some repo servers are not responding and due to the holiday period will probably not be resolved until some time on Monday.

    This works, I am currently restoring my data to OMV5.

    ?? The problem I am facing seems to have not been solved since last july as you can see in this thread:

    OMV 5 Extras Installation by Zoynels

    Thank you for answering.

    Nope! http://<ip address of omv> does not work (and the install was "clean")

    Install of omv-extras return a lot of errors and at the end the packages




    Are not installed....

    BTW: why lvm2? The install of omv does not use lvm....


    I installed omv from openmediavault_5.5.11-amd64.iso, everything went fine.

    1- I saw that there is web interface which can be acceeded via a web navigator at the nas IP address. But this does not work. Is there something to install or to activate for this?

    2- There is a minidlna plugin, I am interrested to have a dlna server.

    a- What is the difference between the omv plugin minidlna and the debian package minidlna?

    b- How canI install and activate plugins on command line (for, up to now, I can't access the web interface)

    Thank you.


    Thank you for answering.

    I read this page but it is not explaining how to create the rid at the installion of omv. Once the system is installed on one disk it is difficult to convert it in a raid1 on 2 disks.

    Some doc exists on how to proceed but they are rather old and do not explain how to handle efi system for instance.



    I installed omv from the iso file openmediavault_5.5.11-amd64.iso and it looks good.

    But I want to install it on two ssd in raid1 but I did not see how to proceed using the installer provided by the iso file.

    Is it possible and how?

    Thank you.