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    I installed on an old Dell GX520 which has only two SATA connections forcing a boot to and IDE. I have and old AMD system with a MS-7374 K9N2 SLI Platinum MB with 8GB Ram it has six SATA connections and would allow me to use a SATA drive to boot to.

    The existing system is RAID 1 with two 4TB drives on SATA 0 & 1 with an 80 GB IDE for boot. All can be accommodated on the AMD MB.

    Is it possible to migrate my system from the Intel system to the AMD system? If so, how?

    I was thinking I'd need a completely new install of OpenMediaVault for the AMD processor, but then I wasn't sure how to reclaim the existing RAID data?

    Pointers anyone, step by steps? Thanks!

    It appears that the power connection on the drive slide was intermittent, a little judicious bending fixed that.

    That explains why it tried to boot from the USB kit, but didn't even admit a drive existed using the slide bay.

    Sometimes I wonder about myself and whether the heart attacks took more of my thinking ability than we thought! :)

    Or, is it just old age having a head on collision with something new.

    I was given excellent pointers and everything went as expected. However, I can't boot from the cloned drive.

    Both drives are 80 GB Seagate mechanical drives. System Box is a worn out Dell GX520 4GB RAM. This box has only two SATA connectors which are being used for my Store. Leaving IDE for my Installed Boot (sda) and a USB kit for the Drive to be Cloned (sdd).

    using lsblk I get the following:

    MAJ:MIN RM = 0

    sda 8:0

    sda1 8:1 MOUNTPOINT /

    sda2 8:2

    sda5 8:5 [SWAP]

    sdd 8:48 *No Mount Points or [SWAP]

    sdd1 8:49

    sdd2 8:50

    sdd5 8:53

    Is this correctable? Or, do I need to use different settings in Clonezilla?

    ryecoaaron Well that makes sense. About the only thing you would lose is some of the history for the system logs and information. I had not thought of the config changes though. Those could be important, so I guess backup after changes.

    New to OMV? Take a look at our Tutorials and How To's:

    USB Sticks/CF Cards Should not be used as System Drive

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    FYI Both links gave 404 errors.

    The best way to backup the system disk is with Clonezilla. You burn an ISO and boot from it. It's pretty ez if you plugin an external drive before you boot. I don't have an N40L but I thought there was another way to choose a boot device remotely on an N40L. Why is no one booting from a Clonezilla ISO remotely. Is there something else you have to buy to plugin to the N40L to get this to work??? Aaron???

    The latest version of Clonezilla asks so many questions that as a newbie I got totally lost. My experience with directly using the "dd" command was also without success. My son swears by clonezilla, but he also threw up his hands. Perhaps I new guide using the new Clonezilla might be in order? My apologies if it already exists. I've had three heart attacks and my patience with "new" and "verbose" is limited.

    Found a really good explanation... For Version 1.0...

    No matter what combination I use I can not get what I want.

    My Users Group I trust to add files and edit stuff in the public folder.

    But, not everyone in the family or Guests can be trusted to do so.

    But, I would like them to be able to play something from the Media Folder, example.

    How do I give Guests READ-ONLY while still retaining Read/Write for my Users?

    Perhaps this thread Samba Share Types in OMV should be updated?

    I am sure this is a newbie question, please be patient. :)

    My OMV has an 80GB boot drive and two NAS 4TB drives as RAID? (4TB available)

    I created two Shared Folders a Dads (Private) and a Public.

    In Windows 10 these show up as Total Size 3.58 TB with 1.87 TB Available (Each)

    1. Is the 1.87 TB available available in each Shared Folder Fixed or does it expand as needed, as files are added?

    2. If the 1.87 TB is fixed per Shared Folder, is there a way to reapportion the space, because Dad really doesn't need 1.87TB for family private stuff.

    (Not to mention that the Media folder is nearly that big to begin with, but, you buy what you can afford.)


    macom, thanks!

    I did a clone and it booted, sort've, got an fschk error 4 with a recommendation to run fschk manually.....

    I am *so* in over my head... Have to look at taking a class at TECH in LInux! At least I'm retired now... :)

    Put the original back in so I am still up and running....

    Maybe in two to three months I'll have gotten a go clone? :) BEST To You and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    This isn't a perfect Translation, but Google did a fair job. I was hoping I could help.

    hello I have a big problem from the browser I can't enter the OMV home page I don't understand why. I always went in and I configured all the folders and users but today when I put the user and password it logs in but instead of entering, it returns the login page
    please ask for help ....


    At 68 I no longer remember the Italian I spoke as a native at five, sorry.

    It sounds like the username and password got changed for the Web Administration GUI.

    Two questions.

    1. Can you still log in to the terminal for OMV (not the GUI).

    2. Can you still access the storage from other computers?

    I will post both English and Italian in the hopes that we can get you help.

    Obviously, coming from Windows and not understanding the inner working of either Linux or OMV, I need instruction.

    Drives fail, no ifs and or buts about them, they fail. So having at least one backup (verified boot-able) image of your system/boot drive is essential.

    So forgive me when I don't understand why a YouTube guru would recommend several flash drives and to automate a monthly back-up???

    Does OMV continuously make changes on the boot drive to track the "vault" drives? Is there a reason for this monthly backing up?

    I can see that if I make changes to the configuration I might want to shortly thereafter make a new back-up. But, monthly with out explanation??????:?: