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    Hi Agricola, Thx.

    I am already using old Gateway PC as OMV - I am really looking for NAS form factor with removable drives. Best case scenario is to buy intel based NAS in ebay and flash OMV.

    I would welcome experiences from others in converting NAS to OMV

    I use OMV for backups only using Rsync - I really like the web interface. Well done!

    I normally have 5 or 6 Rysnc's jobs scheduled in OMV Monday Early Morning.

    The backups are EVERY WEEK and hence the next Rsync job will be fired next Monday. In between I do not want OMV running.

    This is what I want to accomplish:

    1. Run a bash script in a loop check if today is Tue and if it is shutdown

    2. Run a bash script in a loop and send WOL packet if today is Sunday - I would like to run this script in my synology NAS

    Do you find any errors in the script below for 1 above? (I am not sure if you need the break)

    Would welcome WOL script for 2 above (I do not know the command)


    Thanks - you have a good point.

    Maybe I will use the SMB shares from OMV which I Rsync with Synology.

    Since windows 10 can do ubuntu - I have written a custom Rsync to sync my USB 3 NTFS HDD to Synology as well from my PC. I use this as my offline backup. The only issues is that this is "physical" work. I use the network folder (pointing to Synology) as my mounts in my custom Rsync.

    I am in the process of building a PC with removable 3.5" HDD trays in the front and install OMV.

    My use case is thus:

    1. I have a synology NAS
    2. I am going to use the new build OMV as my backup
    3. I will have a mix of drives in OMV - both as EXT4 and NTFS**
    4. Every week, create a Rsync job to PULL info from Synology and write into NTFS & EXT3 (NTFS disks and EXT3 disks are data dupes) in OMV
    5. Unmount NTFS disks from OMV and use it as OFFSITE backup and swap another disk in its place (later mount and format to NTFS)

    The above process allows me have a replicate of Synology NAS in my OMV (EXT4) as well as OFF SITE backup which can be read by Windows 10 (important) in the NTFS HDD.

    I would appreciate feedback on the use case.

    ** I believe NTFS is not recommended but I want to use it any - Any issues?

    Hi, I have successfully done rsync between my NAS and OMV (Pulling info from NAS to OMV) however I having tough time trying to PUSH info from OMV to USB attached HDD in router.

    I am able to see my drive in windows 10 in file explorer thus:


    Rsync Server is disabled in OMV. My OMV IP is 192.168.2.X (FYI I can ping 192.168.1x from 192.168.2.x)

    Here are my settings:

    Type: Remote

    Source: video [on 2TB, video/] (from drop down folder in OMV)

    Destination server: {user}@

    {user} is substituted with my username

    Authentication: Password

    Password: {password}

    {password} substituted with my password

    When I run this I get the following message:

    Hi, I am using the SAME credentials in rsync to connect to my remote server as my ssh (port 22 ssh works). However I get the following message

    Please wait, syncing <sk@> to </srv/dev-disk-by-id-ata-WDC_WD1001FALS-00E8B0_WD-WMATV4158687-part1/mariaDBBackup/> ...

    rsync: failed to connect to ( Connection refused (111)

    rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c(127) [Receiver=3.1.3]

    The synchronisation has completed successfully.

    Done ...

    note: sk home directory is


    and mariaDBBackups is a folder in my home directory


    Here are my options: (note: sk user with identical credentials works via ssh)

    rsync -> jobs

    job is enabled

    Mode: pull

    source server: sk@

    destination: mariaDBBackup [on /dev/sdb1, mariaDBBackup/]

    Off course user password is entered as well

    Any clues why this is not working?