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    I'm one of the devs of the plug-in, however there are lots of other people here that are much more skilled at using and setting up zfs. I don't know what is the best cache size for your vdevs, but I remember there were some guidelines avaliable "somewhere" when I did the setup myself.

    There is a guide on docker in omv, it's in the "guides" section of the forum. The guide covers general docker configuration and not anything specific regarding sickrage or couchpotato etc since every docker image/container is unique.

    If you have any specific questions regarding docker setup you will most probably get help her on the forum. For questions regarding specific containers I would suggest asking the respective container "community".

    @subzero79, @ryecoaaron I tested to change to docker-ce and encountered some issues. First if the dependencies change in the debian/control file the package will be held when doing and apt-get update/upgrade (at least via cli which was what I tested). The package had to be installed via apt-get install <package>. The changes I did was to Depend on docker-ce and to Conflict with docker-engine. Except from the issue mentioned above the principle seemed to work.

    However I ran into another issue which might be a bit trickier to fix. We have included a file /etc/systemd/system/docker.service.d/openmediavault.conf which make the docker daemon start via the command "docker daemon". This command is deprecated in docker-ce and thus the installation fails as soon as docker-ce is installed and that package tries to restart the docker daemon. I haven't yet come up with a clean solution on how to modify this file before docker-ce gets installed. Do you have any ideas?

    @subzero79 I've merged my code now to github (the networks tab). How about we release the new version to bintray when you feel comfortable with your changes to the tab (including connect/disconnect to network). I think there are quite a lot of nice features introduced by you that people would welcome.

    @milfaddict A bit late but I might have an idea regarding your issue. I haven't read all posts so this could already have been discussed.

    By default ZFS On Linux (ZoL), which is the ZFS implementation used on Debian imports pools with "by-dev" policy (/dev/sdX), which could be bad if your /dev/sdX assignments change on reboot, which I've understood could happen on some systems.

    To fix this you should edit the file /etc/default/zfs and set ZPOOL_IMPORT_PATH="/dev/disk/by-id" (This setting is commented by default).

    Next create the pool, either via cli or the plugin. Then export the pool, and finally re-import it again with: zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id <pool_name>

    Check that it works via: zpool status

    Try to reboot and check if the pool comes back online as it should.

    i was not aware of that feature to reference by name within the same network. According to the docs it should probably work if you specify a new bridged network too. Could you try this out and report back?

    Nonetheless, one of the main features that have to be working so the "network" can be called OK, in my opinion, is that each container can reach other container via it's name, not raw IP.

    I don't understand this part. Could you elaborate on how this could be accomplished? Myself I run almost all my containers in macvlan mode and give them names via my DNS server.

    ok... I will try to fire up a new system inside Hyper-v and see if that works. I have macvlan working fine on my "production" server though.

    EDIT: Hyper-V works after enabling "MAC spoofing" on the network interface.

    I can't make macvlan work on my VirtualBox dev environment (in Ubuntu). Anyone have this working?

    EDIT: The network interface gets created ok withing the container. However I can't access the outside.

    I'm using the PCnet Fast III adapter in promiscuous mode and have tested both bridged and NAT mode... Running out of ideas :-(

    I think you are right @subzero79. I think I saw something about issues with using symlinks, thus I went with the bind option. But that was ages ago and my memory is most probably wrong :-)

    I'm using ZFS myself so I'd probably run into this issue when upgrading (soon...) to OMV 3 :-)

    EDIT: BTW, creation and deletion of networks is done. Just need to test it properly...