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    These are the last lines of my /etc/openmediavault/config.xml:

    You have to put the part from <nut> to </nut> into yours just before the </services>

    Thank you so much! Wish great health and prosperity for you and your family. I was so worried that I might have to reinstall OMV.

    I want to be clear of the final steps I took, so it could help someone who is going to google this 10 years from now. Lol.

    This worked, but also gave errors during installation and uninstallation. But I am able to run nut without issues.

    Step1: Completely uninstalled nut with apt-get remove --purge nut-server nut openmediavault-nut

    Step2: Installed omv plugin in OMV gui and it gave errors (this error can be seen on #7 in this thread)

    Step3: Ignored the error and edited config file with the code given by Zoki

    cd /etc/openmediavault/

    cp config.xml config.xml.bak

    nano config.xml

    Step4. RESTART OMV. Now UPS plugin will appear in OMV and error in the title of the thread no more.

    Even after all this, If you uninstall nut via gui, it gave me an error (this error can be seen on #1 in this thread). But I don't care because I don't have issues with it while being installed and works flawlessly.

    Thank you OMV team. I will always recommend OMV to others.

    You need to disable the plugin on the services tab and uninstall it.

    Thank you for replying. I thought this will go unfixed, not replied. I hope we resolve this together. It's my humble request for others to pitch in. Any kind of help is appreciated.

    To be clear, I am always unable to enable the nut plugin. I get the error in the title of this thread when I try to enable nut plugin. Also uninstalling the nut plugin via omv gui gives error and not completely uninstalled. Only terminal uninstallation works and removes completely. Check code block below for more info.

    I uninstalled like you advised and ran the commands Zoki advised me to. Please have a look below.

    And you still have not entry in the config db. sudo omv-confdbadm read --prettify conf.service.nut

    and cat /etc/openmediavault/config.xml | grep -A 20 "<nut>"

    Please tell me if I should run these 2 commands with the nut plugin completely uninstalled? I ran them while they were installed. Result is below.

    root@marcus:~# sudo omv-confdbadm read --prettify conf.service.nut
    root@marcus:~# cat /etc/openmediavault/config.xml | grep -A 20 "<nut>"

    So is the plugin removed now?

    I have removed it completely with dpkg --purge --force-remove-reinstreq openmediavault-nut

    dpkg --purge --force-remove-reinstreq nut

    dpkg --purge --force-remove-reinstreq nut-server

    And then followed your commands dpkg --audit and dpkg --configure -a and they didn't return any results. You can check the code block posted above in previous reply too.

    And then reinstalled it like you said. Still got error in the screenshot and the error after installing it in gui ( this error can be seen in comment/post #7 in this thread).

    And then finally ran sudo omv-confdbadm populate

    Which did not produce any result as well. It's in the code block posted above in previous reply too.

    Output is above for the commands you adviced to run.


    The services page is empty and whenever I click "services" in OMV it gives this error. Only uninstalling nut plugin removes the above error.


    The only thing that has changed is the UPS service is installed but trying to save the configuration throws this above error and will not save. I tried this only after following the commands you adviced me to run.


    Since you came from OMV5 (meaning you done an omv-release-upgrade) post the output of:

    dpkg -l | grep openme

    root@marcus:~# dpkg -l | grep openme
    ii  openmediavault                    5.6.26-1                            all          openmediavault - The open network attached storage solution
    ii  openmediavault-autoshutdown       5.1.21                              all          OpenMediaVault AutoShutdown Plugin
    ii  openmediavault-keyring            1.0                                 all          GnuPG archive keys of the OpenMediaVault archive
    ic  openmediavault-nut                5.2.2-1                             all          openmediavault Network UPS Tools (NUT) plugin
    ii  openmediavault-omvextrasorg       5.6.6                               all Package Repositories for OpenMediaVault
    ii  openmediavault-wol                3.4.2                               all          OpenMediaVault WOL plugin

    If you have the UPS plugged, install the plugin and activate it.

    Here's a nice guide about the nut plugin:

    [How-to] Use the openmediavault-nut plugin - Guides - openmediavault

    I just installed the nut plugin. I get the same error in title again and same error when installing nut plugin( screenshot above in thread).

    I also want to be clear that the "UPS service" is not installed or seen in the gui after installing the nut plugin.

    I think this ran without errors. Can you please advice me on what to do next?

    This is the error I get after running the 2 commands you mentioned.

    I am sorry I just meant nut client not server. I mentioned the word "server" because I was able to graciously shut down other devices on lan 1 year back.

    The first error image is for after installing sudo apt-get install usrmerge and dpkg -l | grep usrme

    Second is after installing nut client on OMV gui. I still get the error which is mentioned in the title of this thread. Just informing you after the advice given.

    The UPS model is SmartUPS-750 or SUA750I-IND. It is connected via usb and I was able to run nut server with the driver = usbhid-ups. Successfully 1 year back.

    Around one year back, I installed nut plugin server with the same UPS model and was successful. I had to return the UPS and so uninstalled the nut plugin.

    Now, even if the UPS ( same model) is connected or unconnected, I get this error after installing the nut plugin. I get it right after I login into OMV and the UPS service is not visible in the dashboard.

    To be very clear, I have the Same UPS model both the times, now and 1 year back.

    I started using OMV from version 5. I have the latest OMV version 5 which I have installed on my core2duo several years back. I have just updated and now it's on the latest version.

    Edit0: Only way to get rid of the error is to uninstall nut plugin but I am trying to use it. So uninstalling the plugin doesn't help.

    Did you install the autoshutdown plugin? I think, the database has no or invalid entry in congig.xml.

    I am getting -- Failed to execute XPath query '//services/nut'.

    After installing NUT server plugin. I want to use nut plugin and I am trying to get rid of this error message.

    Any suggestions on how to go about this?

    More information is in the thread I created, please check my profile and any help is greatly appreciated.

    I receive the error message in title during login after installing nut plugin via OMV GUI. Around 1 year back I got a UPS and ran the nut plugin successfully, and then I uninstalled it because I had to return the UPS. Now, when I install the nut plugin, I get errors mentioned in this post.

    1. Steps I have taken to fix error: uninstall using below code and install nut plugin in OMV GUI. Didn't work.

    apt-get remove --purge nut-server nut openmediavault-nut

    2. Tried this in incognito mode and cleared browser cache and still getting error in title.

    3. Errors Occurring:

    3a. Below error after installing nut plugin in OMV GUI:

    3b. Below error after uninstalling nut plugin OMV GUI:

    Please help me fix this. I got a new UPS and would have to test it out before the return date gets over. I am not really tech savvy and not good with shell language, would really appreciate solutions in code block to run them. Thank you in advance.