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    hello I have a problem whit unions. I created a fusion between an hdd 6 tb and one of 4 tb . But when i start data it fill up just one hdd untill it.was full and now qbittorrent just putt all torrent to pause. Union is created whit folowing instruction existing path, most free space and minimum free space off 100gb .. but still fill up completely my disk . Can anyone pls help me and tell me what I must change ?

    hello i just installed qbitttorrent whit portainer and i have some question . so by default all download it goes do download .. but i do not want that . i want movie go to movie folder and tv to tv folder. but when i try to use manual location download will stop working. what path i must put for this to work ? /srv/9e2690ce-35a3-4d9d-8364-f6cb07ca90b1/filme or just tag ? /filme ? thanks

    Depends on the policy you select. The unigonfs plugin is using mergerfs

    When you install Plex in docker, don't use the mergerfs mountpoint for your config folder. The config folder should be outside the mergerfs mountpoint.

    Hy and thank for your ansfer for all my app data i will have a dedicate ssd 480gb . On hdd i want to use unionfs i will have stored just media file .

    hi all . First i'm new at this :) so pls do not be rude if I look a little noob. S:) so i have 3 hdd and i want to merge all whit unionfs to have a big disk for plex media. My question is, after i merge all my disk in to one what i must do ? Create folder on new hdd ex: movie, Tv, Music .. or i must made directory on all my drive ? Also for transmision to work . Thanks .

    thank all for answer. cabrio_leo and geaves So my ultimate gold is to create a big disk for media . And if I gain some write and read speed is great. Since I will use server just for media .. I do not need redundancy I can have all media back from torrent. Thanks

    hello all . I'm a little noob whit raid, and i do have some question. I want to build a new nas whit one ssd 128 for omw one ssd 512 for all data docker. And for now 1x6 tb hdd plus 1x4tb file.

    My question is. What is the best raid for media hdd 6tb and 4 tb knowing I want to add more hdd on the way. I do not care more for parity but I do not dismiss. Once I made a raid config can I add more hdd latter ?


    Wow thanks alot for your reply . U are a live changer. And can u confirm if I use this 2 expander card it will work whit omv5 ? And if use this m.2 e key i will have around 200mb pro disk ? 400mb give or take total ? M.2 E key adapter it will hold 6 to 10 tb hdd ? I will use wd red . Thanks

    Hello I want to build my fisrt media server and I have a question . It is ok if I install omv to a ssd 480 gb and on the same disk to load all the container ? And plex database and all ? Or omv need a separate disk just for system file ? Thanks .

    I can't make any specific recommendations. I can tell you what I use though. My MB is an ASRock Rack C2550D4I Mini iTX with a single PCIe 2.0x8 slot.

    I installed an LSI 9200-8e card into my OMV. This card has two external sff-8088 connectors for connection to an external drive chassis. You would probably want a card with internal sff-8087 connectors that you would connect forward SATA breakout cables to. Each port on the card can connect to up to four SATA or SAS hard drives.

    What do u think about this ?…apa_i_q11cGb9D622PQ?psc=1

    Hi there.
    To recommend anything we need more information, especially your motherboard model or your PCI-e slot version. One thing I can say about SATA controllers is that I would vote against using more that 2 SATA ports controller in PCI-e 2.0 slot (common in mini-ITX boards) but if you have PCI-e 3.0 x1 you could easily go 4 ports SATA controller as throughput will be enough for 4 HDD's. Different story if you want to connect SSD's.

    So motherboard is an asrock j5040 whit pcie 2.0

    Hello I want to upgrade my storage space qnd i need a pcie 2x1 card i want to add 3 more hdd. Can u recomand one pcie expansion it is best to choose sas or sata ?