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    Finally I managed to solve this. Just to post this here so it hope can assist other who may come across this situation while one of the data disk is dead and cloning / copy the data to the new disk is impossible.

    The process as follow:

    1. Make an Ubuntu bootable usb

    2. Run Ubuntu from the usb

    3. Open Terminal in Ubuntu desktop

    4. Find out the /dev/sdx (x the port number, my case is sda) for the new disk

    sudo blkid

    5. Unmount the disk with command

    umount -v /dev/sda1

    6. Change the UUID of the new disk to '2424ce9a-778b-4733-a606-724f97ea63e9' (the same UUID of the damaged disk) with command

    tune2fs /dev/{device} -U {uuid}

    7. Make a new directory with command #

    sudo mkdir /new

    8. Then mount the disk #

    sudo mount /dev/sda1 /new

    9. Exit Ubuntu

    10. Reboot OMV and mount the new disk in Storage, File System with the same label of the damaged disk (my case is YBPC)

    11. Add the new disk to replace the damaged one in Storage, Union File Systems

    12 Also add the new disk in Services, Snapraid, Drives

    13. Run command in shell to restore the files to the new disk

    snapraid fix -d {Disk label} - l logfile.txt

    Change label of disk

    "If you remove the shared folders on the disk and unmount it in the web interface, you could re-label it and mount it again in the web interface if you really want to change it."

    Read this from above link but I did label the drive when create the new ext4 disk within FileSystem.

    Will snapraid recognize the old label when remount the old disks in FileSystem or I need to unmount and remount again?


    Apology that English is not my first language so please forgive me for the spelling and grammer.

    I being search through the forum and google the last 2 weeks but can't find a solution. Hope you intelligent people here can help me out.

    I had 4 data disks and 1 parity disk running snapraid with unionfile system. Unforuntately one of the data disk is damaged (no response at all). I put in a new disk and run the snapraid fix but result an error as below

    Self test...

    Loading state from /srv/dev-disk-by-label-SDB/snapraid.content...

    Decoding error in '/srv/dev-disk-by-label-SDB/snapraid.content' at offset 187

    The file CRC is correct!

    Disk 'SDD' with uuid '2424ce9a-778b-4733-a606-724f97ea63e9' not present in the configuration file!

    If you have removed it from the configuration file, please restore it

    I try editing the config.xml but nothing change and try clonzilla with the old data disk but Clonzilla stated the old disk have no partition and can't clone the disk.

    Please if anyone kindly point me to the right directions!

    Many thanks!