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    I've run iperf between my windows client and the server, as well as between the windows client and a secondary laptop (then both on wireless) and have received 0% loss with both. To add is I've not changed any parameters, and just run iperf as it is.

    I will test it again once, as mentioned, my laptop will arrive. Then I'll test both wired and wireless from different point in the house, to locate blind spots within the network.

    Is there anything more to be read from iperf than how much data loss there is between client and server?

    And yes, my router has a "Smart Connect" feature, where it combines 2,4GHz and 5GHz with one SSID. and chooses the best for band for the fastest transfer speeds. My windows client seems to be on the 2,4GHz band though.

    So, to update a bit of information!

    The windows client I'm using is a stationary PC, with a D-Link DWA-556 card (802.11n), and is on the floor above the router. (this would explain the poor transfer speeds, but I'm getting close to 11MB/s with internet downloads from the same client.)

    I live in a house with no surrounding interference from neighbors

    The router, as mentioned, is an 802.11ax router. I have since the last post tried with a laptop, with an 802.11ax card installed, right next to the router, and maxing out at around 30-35 MB/s, which is quite poor for that standard, no?

    I will conduct a proper "benchmark" during the week when my newly ordered laptop (again with 802.11ax card) will arrive. And that will include:

    - wireless transfer from the top floor.

    - wireless transfer next to the router.

    - wired transfer with gigabit ethernet connected directly to the router.

    All file transfers are, again, done through SMB. The goal is for the NAS to be used as a Plex server, and I have not yet configured anything doing with Plex, as I want to try and understand/possible fix the poor transfer speeds.

    So i've just bought an HP Microserver Gen8. Installed an SSD in the ODD bay, and configured it to be bootable. I run OMV from this drive.

    When I transfer files to and from the server, I barely go up to 9 MB/s.

    I've got a TP-Link AX50 router, gen8 connected via cat 6a cables (not necessary I know) and windows client connected via 802.11n.

    So I should be able to reach closer to 50-60 MB/s on 802.11n?

    Pinged router and server from windows client, and vice verse with server. Get 0% loss.

    What could be the issue?