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    Thanks macom - that's exactly what i was looking for... Embarrassing i didn't find this thread myself. ;)

    This user asked exactly the same - more or less...

    Installation with 'Armbian Buster minimal kernel 5.4.y' is ongoing at the moment.

    Hi there,

    i new here and want to upgrade to OMV5 on my Odroid-HC2 (fresh clean install) and therefore i'm wondering which is the recommended Armbian build (image) to use at the moment (2021/02).

    - Armbian Buster stock kernel 4.14.y

    - Armbian Buster minimal kernel 5.4.y

    According to armbian page both are considered stable. Does it make sense to use the minimal version with the newer kernel?

    Guess both are OKish but are there any arguments to choose one over the other?

    Thanks for clarification