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    thanks macom for the golden tip. I've got it working now. I added '--device /dev/dbus --/dev/usb' to the docker line and it works now.

    1. docker stop cupsd

    2. docker rm cupsd

    3. sudo docker run -d -p 631:631 -v /var/run/dbus:/var/run/dbus --device /dev/bus --device /dev/usb --name cupsd olbat/cupsd

    4. go to the browser

    5 in URL type http://your_ip:631, 'et voila'


    KONICA_MINOLTA_PP1300W (Paused, Accepting Jobs, Shared)

    Maintenance Print Test Page Clean Print Heads Print Self Test Page Resume Printer Reject Jobs Move All Jobs Cancel All Jobs Administration Modify Printer Delete Printer Set Default Options Set As Server Default Set Allowed Users

    Description:KONICA MINOLTA PP1300W
    Driver:KONICA MINOLTA PagePro 1300W Foomatic/min12xxw (recommended) (grayscale)
    Defaults:job-sheets=none, none media=iso_a4_210x297mm sides=one-sided


    I've got a Konica-Minolta connected to a USB port on my OMV5 NAS. I'm new to OMV, so I've got work my way around it. I installed the CUPS container and it's working. I was able to configure my network printer (Brother), but CUPS fails to recognize my local (USB connected) printer.
    I entered the container to see if i could see some logging, but no success.

    I am not familiar with Docker and containers. Maybe the usb port is not recognized by the container? Or The guest is not allowed to see the hosts hardware?
    How can I connect a local printer to my NAS and make it available in CUPS? Am I missing steps?

    At least the kernel finds it:

    chipmunk03@omv-nas:~$ lsusb |grep -i minol

    Bus 007 Device 002: ID 0686:300c Minolta Co., Ltd PagePro 1300W

    Has anybody a useful tip or a helpful explanation how to configure CUPS with a local printer?