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    The temporary solution is to either install the proxmox kernel or roll back to 5.9. Both can be done relatively easily and safely using the OMV-Extras plugin.

    Edit: Just noticed you said you recently reinstalled OMV. I'm not sure if the download image was updated with the 5.10 kernel. If it wasn't and you updated after installing, your system should still have a copy of the 5.9 kernel.

    My issue is that I use MariaDB (mysql daemon) with 5 Kodi installations. I would need to rework both Video and Music databases going back to NFS as I had to do moving to SMB due to 5.10 kernel debacle.

    I had the same issue over the weekend, complete with using MariaDB and multiple Kodi locations. My temporary solution was to use path substitution in Kodi. It's a messy fix, but with advancedsettings.xml syncing I set up years ago, it was a quick band-aid to quiet my family down. After my family was in bed I further investigated and rolled back the kernel in OMV to 5.9.0-0.bpo.5-amd64 to test my theory it had to do with the kernel update. When I confirmed it was, I left it with the old kernel and went to bed intending to post my findings today. Looks like you beat me to it.