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    i have HPE ProLiant ML310e Gen8 v2 Server. the HDDs are docked on slot 1 & 2 of the four provided. The connection is SATA.

    i did some tests from HP insight diagnostics prior to boot in windows server 2019t. The test stated for a faulty probably HDD. It says that i need to format and/or replace the disk. The error code was F2.

    this what i get

    And on extended information i got this. it seems that the smart is not working due to the LOGICAL VOLUME

    from webGUI, revise your webGUI to find the SMART section

    I know this is old but i would like to ask how to command in a shell if you only have openmediavault and gui?

    identify disk: scsi-3600508b1001c708e7e846b76d45b51f0 and revise the SMART TEST, probably bad .

    if the disk is in bad state, you need to replace the disk in the mirror as soon as possible.

    PD: Revise SATA cables too, sometimes , the error is on the cable not in the disk, and unplug and replug the disk solve the problem.

    where can i do the smart test? i can't do something from openmediavault.

    Regarding the SATA cables i have changed slot and i had the same problems

    Hello to all in the community. i'm a new guy in openmediavault and i'm already facing with a problem.

    My zfs status is the following

    pool status (zpool status):

    i have two Seagate Ironwolf 4TB as logical volumes as i have openmediavault on debian in a windows server 2019 hyper-v.

    SMART information in openmediavault are not saying too much. See below

    On windows 2019 server Event Viewer i have found some bad sector errors.

    How can i determine what is happening and some proper tests as it seems that i'm not able to do smething from openmediavault. From windows server 2019 the drives are marked offline so i can't make an error checking.

    edit #1:

    i've found from HP insight diagnostics the following:

    Hard Drive 3, 4.0 TB, SATA, ATA ST4000VN008-2DR1
    O Passed
    © HardDrive Location: Thie hard drive at connector 4I, enclosure number 0, enclosure bay 4.
    © The read/write hard error count recorded in the monitor and performance log. Count 679, total Bits Transferred 2.95361e+14
    © Accumulated power-on time for this bard drive: 7.6 months
    © Percent endurance used for tbis bard drive: 0.0096
    © An internal software problem occurred while generating tlie diagnosis result for this drive. Output may be incomplete.