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    Why are my absolute path names using the UUID to define paths like this "/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-91bf9fc5-6e77-4496-a8c9-efc223e787d1/3DPrinting".

    Makes it really hard to just type in paths when adding paths in portainer.

    Is there any way to change it without reinstalling OMV?

    Yea, I did use WIFI initially to intall OMV because where I work on stuff at did not have Ethernet connection and then when I moved it to the cabinet it lives in I attached the Eth0.

    Also I followed a YouTube video for the install part so you know how that goes.

    Thanks for the help though its working well now.

    Not sure what happened but I ran sudo omv-firstaid as recommended above, I changed to use IpV4 and disabled ipV6 .

    Doing that somehow disabled the WIFI and and now I only see the Eth0 in the Network tab.

    I am now getting average 80 MB/s in throughput.
    Major difference, but I do not understand how setting eth0 to IPV4 only did what it did. I never even got to make the changes to the config.txt at all.

    Sorry I should have included that info in the first post.

    I am running on a Raspberry PI 4 B 4gig running

    Raspberry Pi OS Lite

    • Release date: January 11th 2021
    • Kernel version: 5.4

    It has both wireless and eth0 enabled, but it appears that when I attached it to the 1gig ethernet the throughput did not increase at all. I am getting around 10 MB/s. It was the same before when running on WIFI only, I attached it to the 1gig ethernet and the throughput is still the same.

    How do I disable WIFI in OMV, When I setup OMV initially I used wifi and after everything was setup the way I wanted I moved my setup to is final location which has Eth0 1gig.

    I noticed when copying files that I see the same throughput when it was running both on only wifi and then with the Eth0 1gig connected.

    This leads me to believe that its still running the traffic through the WIFI connection and not the Eth0.

    How do I disable the WIFI completely? Is there a way with out deleting the interface from OMV and will that even disable it?