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    Yes, that is the exact problem. My own personal firewall was actually blocking the connection... so I was able to change that.

    But then it still did not work, so I contacted my ISP and they are blocking the necessary ports. Unfortunately, they won't allow me to connect.. so there is nothing I can do. :(

    I am using Windows, so connecting through SSH is difficult because Windows does not support that ability with drive mapping.


    I have installed OMV on a VPS hosted on the public internet. (I want to use it as a backup server for multiple family members who live outside of my home.)

    I have no problem connecting to OMV using ssh for the users I created. ie: I can use SFTP to upload files, etc..

    However, I have not been able to create a working SMB share. I have enabled SMB, and followed the tutorial by TechnoDad... but when I use Windows Explorer to try and connect to the share... it does not work.

    The public hostname for my OMV server is "". (This is not my real domain name, for privacy.)

    When I am in Windows Explorer, I tried using \\ as the share name... but after thinking for a few minutes I get this Network Error popup from Windows:

    Windows cannot access \\

    Is there a trick to connecting to a SMB share over public internet?