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    what is the right syntax in the driver configuration directives webgui?
    I set:
    driver = usbhid-ups
    port = auto
    with this setting the service is running but
    not shows temperature and voltage.

    so i set after some reading:


    now the service is also enabled but not running!

    I removed nut-plugin and nut from cli, rebooted and reinstalled,
    set driver configuration directives to

    driver = usbhid-ups
    port = auto

    now service is running again, but in show ups variables i get: error: driver not connected.

    i changed to:


    now driver in not running!

    after restart omv
    nut service is running and show variable again.
    Temp and Volatage seems not be supported from ups device

    But what ist the right syntax in the driver configuration directives webgui now?
    In the omv video help it is with space character!

    driver = usbhid-ups
    port = auto

    it seems to be a problem with the ntfs extra option: with option async, the client and transmission freezes, and slow and degrading transfer speed when copying large file to server are better. Is this option wise
    and whats the reason about the success with this option?

    therefore another fsid value i attempted like fsid=2 is functional,
    but i don´t understand the matter in reference with a aufs pooling.
    nfs v4 should export all shares unter root export?!
    The main is the success, thanks a lot!
    nice if someone give me someday the unterstanding to aufs and nfs4 export

    thank you!
    I try to unterstand knowledgebase article.
    There ist written:
    "An fsid can be set anywhere from 0 - 255. However, 0 has special meaning for NFS v4, so if you are using NFS v4, only use fsid=0 on the top (fake root) of the export hierarchy"
    I tought sardaukar is using nfs v4?! i mount with "mount -t ntfs4" so i have use fsid=0?! but the i can´t mount "No such file or directory"
    where is the bug?

    Hi there,

    i have a "aufs" poolshare that ist without problems as smb share in the linux client.
    As nfs share it makes trouble.

    without the fsid=0 option the attempt to mount is possible, but i have no rights to access the folder
    syslog: Cannot export /export/multimedia-pool, possibly unsupported filesystem or fsid= required

    with the fsid=0 (recommended) option:
    mount.nfs4: mounting failed, reason given by server: No such file or directory
    syslog: /export/multimedia-pool and /export have same filehandle for, using first

    can anyone help me please?


    nfs over my desktop (itel nic): download: ~115MB/s, upload: ~100MB/s.
    Unfortunately there is also a decreasing of transmission in the upload. Eventually a ssd caching problem on the mint16 desktop?! ssd is reading continously, an after
    short time the ssd reading often stops and the transmission falls. The same on notebook, but with much slower transmission. In this time, no desktop handling is possible.
    A Problem with the nfs Protocol?

    Verbunden über einen ggf. zwei D-Link DGS-1005D Switches, Router spielt auf dem Weg nicht mit, Cat7 TP.
    Sportlich, kann sein, soweit man bei cifs unter w7 der Explorer Anzeige trauen kann ;) cpu last serverseitig upload: ~50%, download ~30%

    Hi David,

    es handelt sich um ein Acer Asphire V5-573G i5-4200U,8GB,128GB SSD. Realtek network (mint16driver:r8169, firmware:rtl8411-2_0.0.0.1) Ähnliche Werte unter mint16 habe ich, soweit ich noch in Erinnerung habe, auch auf desktop intel dq77kb,xeon-E3-1245v2 16GB,128 SSD,intel network.
    Da die hohen cifs Raten auf dem Acer bei einem realem w7 erzielt wurden (keine VM), dachte ich es ist unabhängig von der Clienthardware. linux läuft auch nativ per multiboot...



    after a lot experiments with tmp mounting nfs4 and cifs shares i get following results on the same client hardware:

    file size: 12 GB

    windows7 cifs: upload: ~115 MB/s
    download: ~115 MB/s

    mint16kernel3.13, cifs: upload: ~ 58 MB/s
    download: ~ 62 MB/s

    mint16kernel3.13, nfs4: upload: 25MB/s, little decreasing
    download: ~115 MB/s

    can anyone tell me the reason about the slow transfer speeds on linux os?