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    Is it possible for JDownloader to download playlist on youtube but only audio file

    IE if I paste the playlist into JDownloader web and download the playlist everything works, will download everything including images, empty text files and both MP4 and M4A file etc.

    How can I clean this up automatically on the JDownload server side ? Is this possible to only download the audio files ?

    I'm not really sure what this feature is called but the ability to access files and folders via browser.

    I know ftp is one way but is there any such feature or docker I can use to simply access something like a photo folder via a browser ?

    Please advise. thanks

    Soo......... I got it working
    Actually the stack editor didn't like the /jdownloader in there at all.
    I believe it just needs to be whatever your actual share path is

    So for me it's like this:

    - /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Document/appdata:/opt/JDownloader/cfg

    - /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Document/Downloads:/opt/JDownloader/Downloads

    - /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Document/appdata:/opt/JDownloader/logs #optional

    NOTE: the /appdata and /Downloads and for logs even /appdata
    if I use /appdata/jdownloader for example this give the invalid directory errors when downloading.

    I do not know why the CFG errors in the logs and how their related to any invalid directory.
    However, even with a NOW working jdownloader I still get CFG errors in the logs in spite of not functional issues that I can tell.

    Anyhow hope this helps someone else get their jdownloader working in docker etc.

    It is strange that I removed the stack, and installed fresh and cannot duplicate a working connected jdownloader extension in the browser.

    I was connected with partial function but now I can't get any function at all. Stack installs and deploys but mydownloader does not reply.

    Logs show a lot of CFG errors:
    28|Log.L.log 8/23/21, 11:36:12 PM - INFO [<init>) ] -> CFG File does not exist: /opt/JDownloader/cfg/org.jdownloader.gui.shortcuts.ShortcutSettings.json

    I installed per this video with slight variance.

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    My folders are not exactly as the video shows. The video says /appdata and /downloads

    Mine are like this /Document/appdata and Document/downloads

    Everything connects, the add links works, but when downloading the web UI says "invalid directory"

    So for things like image hosting on ebay and/or classifieds etc. Can I use Openmediavault for that ?

    Basically there are times when ebay only allows 12 images or you can pay for up to 24 but no more then that. I want to be able to get more detailed images especially on antique car parts or antique auto body parts etc.

    I would likely have to use html in ebay to point to the images etc. or create a photo album html page but I need at least the image hosting part.

    Please advise.


    When I go to the OMV download page automatic download start is 5 secs shows up.
    However, I only get option for .deb on Linux PC and only .ISO from windows PC

    I'm in a Linux VM and want to download ISO from a Linux PC ? How do I get it ?

    Yeah I know,
    It's a tough call because it's not really Plex related but not exactly OMV or Docker related either.

    It sort of spans many subjects depending on how the the installed docker app works.

    It all depends on what the docker installed media server can actually do.

    If it can dynamically add all sub folders to the library that are created on a network share that would be exactly what I want.

    I'll post in the other post instead, and look at the Plex resources

    No experience with Plex here, but I use Emby - running as a server alongside OMV on the host - and a Roku Streaming Stick+ with the Emby client, and this combination works perfectly. Emby does allow you to create multiple "libraries," for example workout videos if you so desire.

    While Emby has gone closed source a while ago, Jellyfin is a completely open-source fork and should be very similar. So it should be just right for you - can't hurt to try.

    Do you happen to know if adding network subfolders is easily realized by Jellyfin ?

    Plex adding libraries is more complicated then just adding folders but seems to force me to create shares in OMV, then add the editor lines to portainer, then add libraries in Plex UI.

    How does Jellyfin act for adding sub folders in the network browser. ?

    Well, scratch that sort of
    I tried to add the sub folder lines to portainer /Videos/WorkOut and it complained about duplicate mounting points.

    So what is the simplest process to add folder categories to plex ?
    I assume adding the libraries via "create OMV share, Add portainer editor lines, then add libraries to plex ?

    Any other way around this process for users on the local network to simply add and create sub folders for their categories etc ?

    Please advise thanks.


    I was adding Plex library and what about sub folders ?

    I understand how to edit the stack in portainer and add the following lines.

    -/srv/dev-disk-by-label-Document/Videos/WorkOut:/WorkOut ??


    Can I simply add the sub folder in the network browser and the lines in the stack editor ?
    MUST I also create the OMV shares still ?

    Please advise


    So now how do I get rid of Plex "Other Videos" library that I linked to ?
    I added a library in Other Videos - Work Out Videos
    However, those videos and folder is the same for the original "Others Videos"

    How do get rid of the original referenced library for Others Videos so I don't have duplicate libraries in there.

    Not sure if it's an option for you, but if you have a decent Android box (I have an nvidia shield). Install Kodi, point it at an nfs or smb share.. scan, you're not using all the illegal add ons, Kodi is a great media player for local content.

    I looked at Kodi and it looks great and popular. Just didn't seem to have a good roku method which I have placed some importance on.


    No problem at all. Your post was helpful to the OP and really directly related to the OP. I get that but just not related to my commented post.

    If only text posts could be as simple as talking in person LOL. We would have ironed this out in 2 seconds.


    You would create a new library of type Other Videos and put whatever name you want in the Name box. Then click next and then click on the Browse for Media button and select the folders you want included in that new library.

    Yep, I did this exactly that but it didn't work. Just created all videos lumped in with Other Videos category.

    I just tried again after your post which suggested it's suppose to work as I expected.
    It actually worked this time. Not sure what happened last several attempts but all is good now.

    So I assume I still MUST create the extra link in the portainer editor too ?

    Do I have to create extra shared folders in OMV or can I create sub folders and just edit portainer ?


    I don't know why that image is inside of the quote but the attachments just seemed to do that. Anyhow you can see the pic . where do I go from here ? I only see the ability to add to one of those categories not create new ones.

    Plex allows you to have as many libraries as you want and you can name them whatever you want. Sounds to me that you don't understand library creation in Plex.

    It's possible
    I installed Plex docker/portainer, then added the lines in the editor that point to my shared folders for OMV

    In plex I added libraries and those libraries seem limited to only certain categories.

    I created other shares, or even added sub folders to the share, but I don't understand how plex can make use of this extra library / folder or give it a category such as "work out videos"

    I'm not sure what your going on about. I've already clarified this for you.
    New User Guide — openmediavault 5.x.y documentation

    The official documentation shows an installation instruction along with other official video tutorials.

    You wrote:
    "I'm not sure what you aren't seeing. The wiki front page has the link to the forum guide and the script command."

    Why are you asking if I can't see an install script command when the subject isn't even about an install script command?

    Do you not acknowledge that the guide links and official documentation are not valid ?

    Your post is like saying just go with TrueNas that works too.
    That is not actually related to my posted comments / information.

    I wasn't asking a question but providing information to those who may actually read the official documentation. No response was necessary especially a non related one.