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    I just installed OMV5 on my QNAP TS253B (on USB SSD). There are only two things what are a little bit annoying to me.
    - Cannot control the FAN ( no pwm sensors found ) --> Bios settings to set it from "automatic" to "manual" leads to FAN running 100%
    - The front display is only showing "Booting" all the time

    I tried to install "qcontrol" what is - regarding to another post in the "Qnap Community" Forum - the tool used with QNAP OS for controlling these two things. But iam not able to execute it successfully.

    Has anyone a idea to fix this issues ? At least the FAN thing...

    Update: The fan can be controlled via this package:

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    That thread must have been old. by-label is no longer used. If you need an easy to read mountpoint, install the symlinks plugin and make a symlink.

    Thank you, i give the plugin a try. --> Already tried and it´s perfect to me :)
    The thing is, the screenshot in the first picture is from my OMV. I do not understand why "WD30" is mounted by uuid and "WD40" by label :/

    But iam new to OMV so maybe i have done somthing wrong during init...

    Hi together,

    i do not really understand why the mountpoints of my 2 HDDs are handled in different ways. As i read in another thread, since omv5 the mountpoint should be "by-uuid" by default.
    For me it would be enjoyable if i could set both mountpoints to "by-label".

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