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    I found conflicting information regarding this. My samba connection is pretty slow, especially when transferring many small files. Is there a way to enable afp on omv5?

    Thanks for your time and efforts! :)

    Saw this during installation:

    Installation finished witht his. Suddenly login via ssh (requires a password), I used to auth via keyfile. I am sure I typed in the correct password for my pi but it was refused. Now it seems to block further connection requests. The pi seems still online and is reachable via ping:

    It seems the installation script somehow messed with my ssh config. is there any default password I should try?

    (base) meow@neuronflow ~ % ssh purr
    meow@'s password:
    ssh_dispatch_run_fatal: Connection to port 22: Operation timed out

    Hmm according to Installing OMV5 on Raspberry PI's, Armbian SBC's, & i386 32-bit platforms

    I am supposed to use this command for installation, which is exactly the command that led me to this trouble?

    wget -O - | sudo bash

    After typing this in a tmux session on my pi this is the output I get, no change for like 40minutes now:

    UPDATE: I now aborted and ran the comand with sudo, now the installation seems to progress.

    after running

    wget -O - | sudo bash

    my Pi4 is not reachable. It does not even get an IP from the router anymore neither via LAN nor W-LAN.

    The installation failed with a networking error, complaining about some .yaml file. I did a reboot via ssh.

    From the GUI of the router (Fritzbox) I can see that the Pi4 does not even get an IP. I deleted it from the list of known devices and restarted the Pi4 a couple of times by pulling the power cable.

    I had the pi4 configured via ssh and was running home assistant supervised on it. Any ideas what I could try next?