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    Thank you for your advices, that was exactly what I needed.

    For anyone who'll need it again:

    How to Manage KVM Virtual Networks with VLAN, arranged in OMV

    Setting-up the repository

    Thanks to the developer, there's an add-on available to manage KVM virtual machines and networks directly from openmediavault. After the installation process is successful, there's no further need for "Cockpit" anymore!

    1. First, you have to activate the Extras repo from the OMV-Extras page.

    2. After updating and activating, you'll find a new Service: KVM.
    3. Here, you're able to setup virtual machines, manage Volumes and so on... and you can create network settings.

    4. The created settings will affect the system and will be available in Cockpit:

    5. When entering the console, you'll find the virtual network.

    Thank for your support, guys.

    Hope my small tut will help anyone.

    Have a nice weekend


    Good evening,

    I'm new in here, hope you guys rock!

    Since I have OMV5, we use it to store our things. A Ryzen5 powers a software RAID, equiped with 3x8T, we have 64G RAM aboard - think I'm fine.

    Now, I'd like to start-over with some networking things.

    Docker/Portainer and Yacht are installed and work properly.

    Now, I'd like to use network separation.

    We have some VLANs in our home office infrastructure I'd like to use in OMV.

    1) Is there a tut that deals with VLANs on Docker Containers?

    2) DEBIAN10 itself has a Hypervisor for Virtualisation onboard. How to I arrange this with OMV?

    I would appreciate if You could drop some lines - need a kind of best practise.

    I'm familar with routing, switching at CISCO to VMware, but never made issues with OMV :)

    Thank you a lot and have a wonderful time!