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    I am struggling to import my SSH key to OMV under System -> Certificates -> SSH. I plan to use the SSH key for rsync access to a remote server (and not for an OMV login). When adding the private key i get an error saying

    privatekey: The value '-----BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY-----
    (key contents)
    ' is not a SSH private key (RSA).

    the error message is technically true because the key i am trying to import is indeed not an RSA SSH private key but an EdDSA one.

    I see support for EdDSA private keys has been added in But what about private keys?

    edit: i get the same error when trying to import an rsa key. some additional info from the error message:

    sorry to hear that. i know it won't help you, but in my experience the previous version of whatever plugin i was using (i think it was unionfilesystems) was much more reliable and never had any issues with it, and also haven't noticed a significant amount support requests on the forums. but maybe i'm just noticing these posts more right now. but i'm sure at the and your effort will pay off. probably there's a way to limit the "weird setups" sooner than they fail on mergerfs by forcing users to a more unified way of mouting file systems.

    i think adding the nonempty option could have solved my situation. but anyhow i have removed all my shares, deleted the mergerfs config and readded everything again, and now it works.

    just out of curiousity, what caused such significant changes in mergerfs? is it related to changes in Debian, OMV, or mergerfs itself?

    after restaring my system, mergerfs broke after working flawlessly for a week. i can see the /srv/mergerfs folder containing my data folders, but there is nothing inside. modifying mergerfs settings in order to be able to apply them gives this erros:

    The multi select of plugins... now that I did notice and thought it kinda sucked. Honestly.. that is probably the only "complaint" I have about the new UI...

    i just realised you can multiselect by shift-clicking the items. the checkbox was more intuitive but it works. EDIT: you can select multiple elements, but cannot perform an action on them :facepalm:

    another drawback of the lack of modals is the huge travelling distance on some screens. eg. when adding shares i am normally doing the stuff on the right side of the windows, but for folder selection i need to move to the icon at the other edge of the screen:

    is there a reason they have to be client side settings?

    also a few other things that bother me in OMV for a while and I was hoping them to be addressed in 6.x:

    - having to apply each and every setting is quite annoying. i understand it for some crucial settings but i feel most screens could do without it, simply applying them when pressing OK

    - managing shares is overly complicated, with creating the shares itself, then sharing them via the respective services entirely elsewhere in the menu. i think all settings related to the shares should be under Storage / Shared folders (e.g. FTP, SMB, NFS, etc.) and the Service menu should be used only to manage the settings related to the particular service

    a restart solved it somehow.

    the initial issue was, that i have enabled NFS shares, without applying the settings, added all the shares, but could not apply the settings due to an error. then i have removed the shares, disabled and re-enabled NFS without any shares and applied the settings. this time it worked. afterward i have added the shares one by one, applying the settings after each share was added. i think at the end i added two shares at once before applying the settings and then it failed.

    I gave up on upgrading my existing OMV installation (which was gradually updated from OMV 3.x) and gave it a fresh start. Finally was able to set up mergerfs, but now NFS shares are giving me headache.

    I have added added a few shares, applying the settings after each of them. Then I got an error, removed the share which caused the error, tried to apply the settings, but I still have this:

    Dashboard setting are stored via cookies.

    I think that's a poor choice. I use 3-4 devices to access OMV and setting up the dashboard for each of them (and setting them up again when for some reason I need to erase the cookies) is gonna be a pain

    no idea as I reverted again. i need openmediavault working so that my whole house is able to operate, so my last two nights were like spending a few hours trying to get it work, then reverting to 5.x before going to sleep. and since yesteday's session took until 4 AM, i am not gonna attempt again for a while ;)

    I never liked this in the old interface, I prefer this system, I hate windows. Navigation with use becomes intuitive, you just need to get used to it.

    It's not about the navigation. Take this screen as an example:

    I am adding a new line to the existing configuration, and at the same time i can see how my previous elements have been set up and adapt accordingly. without the modals i need to open multiple windows, because when creating a new element I cant see the existing ones.

    Recently I had several attempts to upgrade my OMV installation to the 6.x version, that ended unsuccessfully, mostly because of the mergerfs plugin. However, during playing around with the WebUI I got the strong feeling that I prefer the older version.

    The new UI has huge fonts that prevents a good overview over what is what, there is no option to have all menus uncollapsed, the tabs section of pages is very hard to distinguish and there seem to be no modal windows at all - making the breadcrumb very complicated and I often find myself lost in the UI.

    Multi-select seems to be lacking as well - e.g. on the plugins page i cannot install multiple plugins at ones, but i have to install them one by one.

    I know votdev put a lot of effort into the new UI and hopefully the new interface is easier to maintain from the development point of view, so my I was just thinking whether its me just simply using it wrong, or do other users have similar impression of the new UI? Are there further improvements expected in the UI or is it considered final for OMV 6.x?

    gave another try to upgrading to OMV 6.x, but still no luck.

    first i have noticed that there was an update to omvextras version 5.x today. during my previous update attempt, omvextras 6.x got installed automatically, but not this time, i had to use wget -O - | bash.

    afterwards i tried to install mergerfs, WITHOUT removing unionfs first and this is what i got:

    i tried to restart my system and noticed both unionfs 5.x and mergerfs 6.x plugins are present in the system and my shares are still not working

    tried removing unionfs again, this time with this error: (message too long to paste here)

    At the end i have decided to start with a fresh install, will take a long time to set up probably...

    edit: fresh install is also causing problems:

    i was not able to copy it full. anyhow i gave up and restored the VM backup with 5.6, as I realized I was already in a state where a starting from a fresh install would be easier. i will give it another try during the weekend, this time not removing the unionfilessystem plugin. i am just wondering if it would be possible to implement in the mergerfs plugin the automated removal of the old unionfs plugin and updating directly...

    yes, it has crossed my mind that removing the unionfs plugin was a bad idea. anyhow I have removed the unionfilesystem entries and all shares from config.xml and tried to setup merger fs from scratch, now getting this error:

     500 - Internal Server Error
    Failed to execute command 'export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin; export LANG=C.UTF-8; omv-salt deploy run --no-color mergerfs 2>&1' with exit code '1': HP-OMV.workgroup: ---------- ID: configure_pool_dir Function: Name: /srv/mergerfs Result: True Comment: The directory /srv/mergerfs is in the correct state Started: 22:38:00.755475 Duration: 7.261 ms Changes: ---------- ID: remove_mergerfs_mount_files Function: Result: True Comment: file.find: ['/etc/systemd/system/srv-mergerfs-Data\\x2dall.mount'] Started: 22:38:00.763633 Duration: 5.383 ms Changes: ---------- file.find: - /etc/systemd/system/srv-mergerfs-Data\x2dall.mount ---------- ID: configure_mergerfs_Data-all Function: file.managed Name: /etc/systemd/system/srv-mergerfs-Data\x2dall.mount Result: True Comment: File /etc/systemd/system/srv-mergerfs-Data\x2dall.mount updated Started: 22:38:00.769153 Duration: 55.637 ms Changes: ---------- diff: New file mode: 0644 ---------- ID: systemd-reload_Data-all Function: Name: systemctl daemon-reload Result: True Comment: Command "systemctl daemon-reload" run Started: 22:38:00.825576 Duration: 371.799 ms Changes... 

    i have configured mergerfs like this:

    i have no idea why my drives are listed by label instead of uuid in the /srv folder.... maybe this is a remnant of OMV 3.x where my system was originally set up..