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    I fell across this thread because I find it to be the single biggest irritation: particularly during initial configuration.

    Double-checking is a useful feature if you're out of practice, or just toing the occasional tweak.

    I feel that quadruple-checking is overkill.

    - I have already made my changes. It's an adequate double-check for me to to hit the yellow tick. If I had any doubts, I wouldn't hit the yellow tick.

    - The triple check where I have to confirm before hitting yes is already uneccessary.

    - The quadruple check of then hitting "yes" is just too much.

    In answer to a previous respondent: pressing tick -> confirm -> yes does not make me read the popup.

    We managed without it in version 5. Would it be possible, please, to give us - the users - the option to remove the quadruple-check? I'd probably switch it on AFTER I've got my initial config running.

    I have a set of SMB shares from my OMV install. I only shared them last night, and started to populate them with stuff I want to offload from my PC. No problems.

    When I booted my PC this morning, I found that I was able to read but not write those same drives.

    I've not made any configuration changes to OMV or the PC: I copied a lot of files last night, switched off, switched on in the morning and got "You need permission to perform this action."

    The username given is my username in OMV, so it seems to be logged in OKay. That username is a member of a group which has R/W access to the folders I want to write...

    My config looks like the one detailed here (for OMV 4): https://forum.openmediavault.o…B-shares-with-Windows-10/

    - Is it significant that my local Windows 10 username is the same as the username on OMV?

    - Is it relevant that the drive is a passthrough USB drive formatted as FAT? (Is this an inability to set privilege in such a format?)

    - I tried creating a new user in OMV, but I can't connect using that username, because I don't see a way to "log out" from the connection under Windows 10.

    - I have tried disabling SMB, and Windows tells me the item is not found. This is what I would expect, but when I re-enable SMB, even though the user has write access, same problem.

    - I have also done net use * /delete but that didn't remove the share.

    - I've tried net use \\<server> /u:<uname> and then net I'm still told "You need permission to perform this action" when trying to write

    - I've actually deleted the user. My OMV server has no registered users and still, I have read access (but not write) to my networked folders.

    - I notice that rebooting the PC logs me out of the SMB share.

    - I took the opportunity to create a completely new user within a completely new group which has RW to the folder I want. Still the same error.

    Can anyone help me get RW to work again, please? Or help me figure out a quick way to log out of a SMB share?


    If you click on the lock just to the left of the address or the "not secure" if you are over regular http, you can get into the site specific settings to clear cookies and data.

    No joy with that approach either.

    If I change the password by a terminal, and enter the new password, I do get a split second longer and the message briefly flicks up something about the front panel not being configured?

    That's odd. I did that. The problem remains.

    Now you made me think about it, when I enter teh wrong password, I briefly see a red banner "400 - Bad Request". Then I enter the correct password, I get no such message, but the OMV front panel briefly flashes up, before returning to the login screen.

    Any ideas, please?


    I can't log into the user interface.

    I've read many messages on this topic, and I know the "solution": clear the browser cache.

    The problem is that I LIKE my cache just the way it is. Clearing it makes other things more inconvenient.

    I've cleared it twice this week in order to get logged onto the OMV web interface.

    I can't keep clearing my cache down.

    Is there a specific part of my cache I can clear (Google Chrome)?

    Is there another solution I can try?

    Is there another solution YOU can try?



    I've installed OMV a few times (probably not since v5) as a VM on Xen. I'm moving away from Xen as I don't want to have to dedicate a whole VM to running the Oracle web server.

    Proxmox is working really well for me ... EXCEPT, when I try to install OMV, I get to 100% complete on the IP6 DHCP config screen, the progress bar disappears, and I'm left indefinitely looking at the bare blue screen.

    I've seen a few similar posts (not VM related) mentioning this and I've tried the suggestions of disconnecting the network before this stage, hitting CANCEL before it completes ... Not having any joy.

    (NB tried 5.6.13 and 6.0.24.)

    Are there any other suggestions, please, before I try the Debian install with OMV on top route. (Leaving that as a last resource as I'd prefer to use one of the ISOs.)


    When I go Access Rights Management / Shared Folders / Add, I populate the name, select a device, allow the default path and permissions, but when I hit Save, I get "Failed to set file group to 'users' for '/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-4C9A-901D/movies/"

    This is the correct UUID for the disk. (Although, it looks a little short!)

    It's a USB drive. I don't know if that's significant.

    There is a "users" group. (My user is a member of it.)

    If I now hit "Cancel" the directory has been created (I can see it on the console) and the share appears in the GUI.

    Looking for clues as to what might be causing the error, please?

    Used to be omv-update. It is still working, but if you run it you get a message that it is depreciated and you should use omv-upgrade instead. I assume sooner or later omv-update will disappear.

    I tried omv-upgrade and it wasn't a recognised command. I tried omv-u<TAB> and it suggested omv-update. Implies I'd somehow installed a terribly old version!

    omv-update ?

    This may be up-to-date now.

    ii  openmediavault                   5.6.15-1                            all          openmediavault - The open network attached storage solution
    ii  openmediavault-keyring           1.0                                 all          GnuPG archive keys of the OpenMediaVault archive
    ii  openmediavault-omvextrasorg      5.6.2                               all Package Repositories for OpenMediaVault

    After a reboot, still no option within plugins to install DLNA. Weird...

    Post the output of

    dpkg -l | grep openmedia

    ii  openmediavault                  5.5.11-1                            all          openmediavault - The open network attached storage solution
    ii  openmediavault-keyring          1.0                                 all          GnuPG archive keys of the OpenMediaVault archive
    ii  openmediavault-omvextrasorg     5.6.2                               all Package Repositories for OpenMediaVault



    I've changed harware and just done a reinstall. I can't seem to get DLNA installed.

    I recall that when I previously installed omv-extras from plugins, I saw a new option under the Multimedia section of plugins, but having installed omv-extras, this plugin doesn't seem to be on the list. I see only shairport and forkeddaapd.

    omv-tools is definitely installed: I see it on the tool pane and its Settings / Docker / Cockpit / Kernel tabs.


    Also tried ctrl-shift-r as recommended elsewhere. No joy.

    Also tried uninstall and reinstall. No joy.

    Any ideas what I can do, please?


    I had to reinstall XCP-ng, and I couldn't port the VM holding OMV, so I reinstalled OMV5.

    I've installed omv-extras, and I have the omv-extras tab. However, under the multimedia plugin section I cannot see mini-DLNA.

    I see only forkeddaapd and shairport.

    This feels terribly like the problem I had last time. I've rebooted a few times and ctrl-F5'd. No joy.

    Any ideas, please?


    Yeah. I'm pretty good at this stuff normally. I was stuck at "1" though. It wasn't in the list. (Good job I'm not a numpty, or I'd have been checking on "Installed" per your example!)

    Anyway, it looks like it just needed a reboot. There's a ton of new stuff there today.


    It never rains...

    I have now installed OMV5 and omv-extras. (It wasn't initially one of the plugins, but I did wget.) I can see omv-extras and its Docker / Cockpit, etc. components.

    But I still don't see DLNA or a related looking plugin.

    What silly thing have I done now?