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    As recommended elsewhere, take a look a mhddfs as an alternative to aufs.

    Why mhddfs over aufs if you don't mind me asking?
    I had mhddfs and had some issues so switched to aufs... but it has issues of its own.

    I find aufs leaves empty folders after you delete or move stuff...
    mhddfs kept crashing but I now think it was some bad drives I had to RMA
    I liked mhddfs but the new plugin doesn't allow you to set drive fill limits, etc... I do like that all drives are filled at the same level with aufs.

    Am I a complete idiot for WANTING to install without SSL? (OC install is only for me and a few friends)

    less complex install...

    I mean - none of my other web apps have SSL...

    or am I just a fool that will get his data totally messed up if I open it up to this vulnerability?

    What kind of advantage do I have, if I install OMV on top of Wheezy on a SSD with two partitions? I didn't find any satisfying answers, only installation guides :-)

    If you want to have a partition on the system drive I do it this way.
    I have a SSD with OMV on 8gb and the rest of the drive is mountable partition for VM's

    Taken from here

    This intrigues me as it looks almost too easy!
    a few things.... so with this... how do you perform updates? not via 'apt-get update upgrade' I presume?

    does doing it this way make updating impossible or super difficult? as I'm sure OC8 will need a few patches to iron the fresh build out.

    is this the wave of the future as far as installing OC on OMV?... seems the plugin is outdated and difficult to get to work properly.. maybe doing this and utilizing the great nginx and mysql plugins instead is the way to go.

    How is this running? any issues? snags?
    I like this idea and want to try myself after I hear some input from some of the OMV veterans.

    a few things...
    first... ditch the usb drive as your system drive... I pushed against this and killed 3 usb drives in a week
    second... you really need to just let grub do it's deal lilo doesn't work.. at least I couldn't get it to.
    disconnect all drives except your main drive you are going to be installing to....
    plug into the first sata port
    and the drive SHOULD come up as sda in the omv installer.... once you get that... grub will install properly
    grub for debian installs only to sda... no way getting around it. It's not the OMV team's fault... it's debian.

    good luck duder.

    yeah that's what I was thinking... I went into config.xml of openmediavault and manually removed the reference to owncloud
    this didn't seem to fix it... so I'm thinking somewhere else it is cached
    some sort of config?...
    maybe someone will know.

    I think my problem is that I added the shares (MY AUFS shares) before I enabled the plugin... where would the owncloud shares be saved? in what config?

    I know this....
    I don't think it has to do with that... seems more some issue with www-data
    does the location of my opencloud data folder need to have acl? It's on a SSD that is totally separate from the AUFS pool.
    Don't know why the AUFS pool is even referenced in this error at all?

    As a noob I wanted to just install owncloud 6 via the plugin. Instead of all the manual commands to install owncloud 7

    I install owncloud 6 then go to enable the plugin and get a really crappy very huge error in reference to

    Here's the first line of the error
    Failed to execute command 'export LANG=C; setfacl --recursive --modify default:user:www-data:rwx,user:www-data:rwx -- '/media/2dfa80a2-c6bc-45ab-9dfb-83fac02468ee/DATA/' 2>&1': setfacl: /media/2dfa80a2-c6bc-45ab-9dfb-83fac02468ee/DATA/: Operation not supported

    then it continues with the same error referencing a whole bunch of files
    the latter files are on an aufs drive with no ACL set....
    I'm thinking this really more has to do with the first part about www

    did something mess up during the owncloud plugin install? Did I miss something?

    let me know.

    once you have sickbeard addon installed.....

    enable sickbeard...
    then go to the forks tab and add the repo address

    then it will add the sickrage repo
    go back to the sickbeard settings... change to the repo you just added and then save.. you'll be off to the races...
    give it a try and let me know if you have any problems

    I promise that one of the things I've mentioned would fix it. You just need to do your due diligence and investigate. From what you are describing it seems that in your AUFS Pool some branches have permissions correct others don't and when it tries to write to some branches it has success but when it tries to write to the branch that has permission issues an error results. Snapraid has nothing to do with the permission issues. I think at this point you need to research how an AUFS pool works and once you understand that and how to chmod permissions of folders and subfolders you will be good to go.

    you could try something like this on EVERY branch of your AUFS pool and I'm sure you will have luck

    I know this seems daunting, but once you figure out permissions you will have that skill in your quiver and linux will be much easier for you.