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    Permissions can be weird with AUFS is the permissions are mucked on the branch drive and you are editing the permissions on the shared drive.
    Keep this in mind and possibly check to ensure that isn't the case.

    another thing to try is the ensure ACL isn't on as it doesn't play nice with aufs.

    you could also try to reset permissions... there is a spot for it in the GUI if you look under shares.

    some noob things to try or consider... if these don't help i'm sure a more capable person will drop in to help soon.

    Also wouldn't hurt to try chmod or to ensure that your user is indeed part of the group users.
    ALSO... are your permissions associated with couchpotato?... if so that is a different animal.

    I second that... I use the plugin and added the sickrage git link manually... everything works like a charm... I've found that if the web interface never loads or gives errors that I need to delete the config and db located at /home/sickbeard after you delete it will be regenerated.
    I'd install the plugin, change to sickrage repo (as that is the most active sickbeard repo currently) then go and delete the old config and db to ensure no snags... then reboot OMV OR enable/disable the sickbeard plugin and you should be off to the races.
    maybe that will help you.

    Hodge, Thanks for the Reply.
    It's also nice to know someone else is having the same problem with MHDDFS, now I know I should definitely try something else.

    So I think I'm going to pull my data all off... do a fresh OMV install and create a fresh AUFS pool using the new plug-in to ensure future support.
    Hopefully I have better luck like you guys.
    Thanks for the tips and advice.

    As always thanks for your hard work on the plug-ins ryecoaaron.
    OMV is Very impressive.


    One last question....
    I was considering jumping back to AUFS from MHDDFS as I was wondering if the glitches I originally was having with AUFS would be solved now that we are on wheezy and that the plug-in is further developed...
    The glitches I was having involved duplicate files, permission issues (differences) between branches and the pool... and weird issues doing a test snapraid recovery...
    Is now the time to try AUFS? or should I stick with MHDDFS?... Stabilty is #1 but an increase in speed (away from FUSE) would be nice...

    I just realized today that the AUFS and MHDDFS plug-ins were updated to ONE single combined plug-in
    I went to update as my current MHDDFS keeps having issues and gets disconnected or something and I have to reboot the server to fix the glitch (drives don't show properly under filesystems either)
    anyways... I went to update to the new plug-in and tried to do mhddfs but realized it is different which is no big deal... but I did see that it only branches entire drives instead of folders as previously done....
    if this is the case I will need to pull all my data off and resetup everything as it is a pain to move the data from my HD1, HD2, ect folders that I was using as branches...
    if that is the case let me know and I will do that.
    My problem with this is... if the entire drive is used as a branch won't the snapraid content, ect files be duplicated on the POOL? don't know if this will cause problems...
    maybe I'm doing it wrong or maybe it's a glitch I found but I can only get it to branch entire drives... not folders... and I found that instead of having a Bind share it creates a new "drive" virtually...
    anyways.. maybe we can get a little documentation on this new plug-in as I may be screwing everything up and am too big of a noob to fix it manually via terminal.
    Thanks for all that you do once again.

    Thanks again guys, that works perfectly. GreyHole is very polished and smooth. One more quick question that I didn't see reference to... From my understanding if I want to have a plugin (couchpotato for example) use GreyHole as a Data Drive and copy to my LZ I would have to mount the SMB share as a local drive then have couchpotato access that share?... from my reading I don't think you are supposed to just mount the LZ because you should only "read" from the LZ (and only with sticky files)....
    where can I find some simple instructions on mounting a SMB share as a local drive in OMV?... is it the same as any debian tutorial?

    EDIT: I am half-answering my question... correct me if I'm wrong: I can follow the guide Here…e/wiki/MountSharesLocally
    A few questions as I am a noob - is there an easier way in OMV I'm not aware of? like a plugin? will this mount auto-start at boot or do I need to add it to cronjobs or something?
    Thanks again.

    OMV/Linux noob here. I've been playing with OMV for the past few weeks and am learning quite a bit. I am switching from a Raid5 over to SnapRaid with pooling. I originally used AUFS but have had several recurrent issues with it (permission issues, not syncing changes after Snapraid Recovery, duplicate files left on Branches ect.) anyways because of this and the fact that I primarily use SMB for all my devices that access my OMV server anyways I want to give GreyHole a try as I have decent hardware to power and am not worried about additional overhead required over AUFS, stability and dependability are most essential in this setup.

    I plan on doing SnapRaid with 5 x 2Tb Data Drives and 1 parity drive (2TB) then use GreyHole to pool the drives and probably leave the files copy option to 1 (mostly for my large media collection) but set it to 2 for important shares (if this is possible according to my understanding) anyways I am also going to be using sickbeard, headphones, and couchpotato with Transmission or any other recommended torrent server.

    I am at the stage of setting up a database file in mySQL and am wondering where I should save the DB file?... I have a 250gb System Boot Drive, but if I lose that database file will my Pool data be useless?.. Should I just put it on the system drive and plan on doing clonezilla backups? should I place the DB on one of my data drives? if I do this will I not see the DB in the pool because the DB will be outside the pool? (still trying to understand) I would want the db file to have 2 copies for safety anyways... I was also planning on using mysql with a DB for XBMC Library support (if this changes your answer) or I can do that different if you guys recommend I do or use something different.

    What recommendations do you guys have about where to save the DB? and anything else I should know as I setup my OMV setup... I want to tread lightly as to not get all my data on my OMV and then screw up my system install...

    Thanks again,
    I've really enjoyed reading these forum posts thus-far and hope to continue my learning.