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    proxmox borked and has to start from scratch however the zfs2 raid i made remounted in a new OMV VM no issues.

    The only problem i have is i cannot assign acl permissions so it limits the users to the pool. Anyone can access the folders when they are shared.

    All my stuff is there and i can get to the files i had before the proxmox caused me 2 days of hassle. is there anyway i can get the pool back to having permissions so only users can access data ???

    Failed to execute command 'export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin; export LANG=C.UTF-8; setfacl -M '/tmp/setfaclK0pyz9' -- '/Storage/Movies/' 2>&1' with exit code '1': setfacl: /Storage/Movies/: Operation not supported


    i set up a 5x8tb zfs2 raid and it works fine however i have alot of raw video files and the timeline performance isnt too good

    when i was setting it up i did passthrough a SSD to the VM however there was no option to include a ssd cashe disk

    is there a way to add the ssd cashe disk? ideally without having to start again?

    just a note to say thank you for the help yesterday

    i started learning VMS on Friday and now today i got


    Open Media Vault


    LEMP Stack web server

    Pi hole all running

    you have all sold me on the Debian side of linux if i can help it i wont ever look at ubuntu again

    thanks i really needed zfs so i can have a cashe drive but its not on OMV6 yet.

    Installed 5 and everything is blank hopefully a apt dist-upgrade fixes it.

    This weekend has been an oddesy always used ubuntu or mint debian has been a rabbit hole of learning

    yeah i just followed guides on youtube and downloaded the first ones i saw

    ok its not a biggie i guess i learnt the hard stuff with all the pass through and crazy stuff

    one point to note when installing OMV6 on proxmox 7 is take down the nic so it has no connection then type the ip in manually then enable the nic when you get to the repo as its at the end of the install.

    OMV 6 just hangs on a blue screen for DHCP v6 otherwise

    it was surprisingly easy to install other than that bluescreen issue.

    again thank you for your help


    total newbie i managed to get OMV 6 working on Proxmox 7 and passed through 5 8tb drives and a 500gb ssd but i cannot find the extras in the web ui anywhere and all the tutorials say click the upload button but there isnt an upload button.

    I want to use ZFS hence the cashe drive

    Debian bullseye has been a nitemare so far and managed to get this far just getting zfs so it can have a ssd cashe drive is the last hurdle