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    well since no one could answer any of my questions or help to guide me in the right direction i decided to use zfs instead of greyhole, but i figured out that i had to create share on a diff drive and name them slightly diff for remote share to work. I also see that remote mounting the share within the original share is a no no. What can i say i guess i a learning.and i did search and saw people wanting and mounting to a diff drive which i thought was by choice and not a must for it to work as i did not want to hae to create another 14 shares looks so cluttered.

    hello i am having the opposite windows clients connect fine and can browse, on my android the vpn shows connected and shows the public ip of my internet service at home but when i try to browse the web it times out? I also used different certs one for my phone and one for pc.

    when i unchecked default gateway i can access the web but i do want when i connect from outside for it to go through my internet at home.