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    i've migrated successfully to omv6 a few weeks ago, the following i never had with omv5

    since migration to omv6 several times a day, my netdata monitoring triggers a warning, as the ups goes to 90%, then gets back to 100%

    This cycle can happen several times a day.

    What i am unsure of and therefor ask the community is:

    - this was also the case in. omv5 .... it's just netdata which has improved?

    - this is new in omv6 nut plugin and normal battery management?

    - this is a bug?

    - my ups is dying?

    what is it?

    i got it solved. Was a combination of different things.

    First: the above config is working

    Second: i haven't changed haproxy configs for a long time, so i missed a "new" bug, which is, that the reload of a changed config no longer works. i have to reboot the whole firewall (runs with pfsense) to reapply the configs. Well, dunno if pfsense or haproxy is the culprit here

    Third: As photoprism isn't multiuser (yet) i had two docker containers running for two persons, even tough nothing in the logs, i had to seperate each port setting internally and externally, which means the standard ports in every config area had to be changed so they don't overlap.

    Well.... thanks for the help guys

    yes i changed this for posting ( and yes http://.... is working. And yes haproxy is awqard. var... is for the 2FA config, which nisn't used in this example, as i first test inb internal network.

    The overall config "reversing....." is working, if i just change a backend to another one, i get to that other backend. Do i change it back to the photoprism backend, i'm landin on the omv login page.....

    okay you're right, but why it isn't working then? :-)

    i'll explain the stuff for those not familiar with haproxy

    as this is about photoprism and openmediavault, i'm trying to ask a question. I was going down the docker route. Never thought about plugin, i'm docker focused since years, so....

    ...but even though it "should" be everything configured right, whenever i try to connect to the reverse proxied fqdn, i'm getting the omv login page back not the photoprism page. Any hints?

    i had problems with one VM just daily backed up even though it shouldn't, according to my script.... what the heck! It took me three days to remember to look into the KVM plugin, because there is also a crontab menu.


    Perhaps a good idea, like with the usb backup plugin, to be able to create schedules within the kvm plugin, but put the crontab entries into the "master" crontab from omv.

    i can modify the cp part in the script to prove, that it is never touched, when launched via GUI, even when the -s param is configured.

    Does it matter, that i start the script via the GUI and not waiting for the triggered time?

    notifications work, just the settings from YOUR plugin in the web GUI don't. Working fine from command line.....

    sudo omv-showkey kvm | grep samefmt

    # This file is auto-generated by openmediavault (
    # WARNING: Do not edit this file, your changes will get lost.
    # m h dom mon dow user    command
    44 13 * * * root omv-backup-vm -v Metasploitable_3_Linux -d /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-0c6254ff-7e8e-4056-ae70-1c79fbce3d47/VM_Export/Metasploitable_3_Linux/ -k 3 -s 2>&1 | mail -E -s "Cron" -a "From: Cron Daemon <root>" root >/dev/null 2>&1

    ..i've install anacron plugin yesterday, testing something, uninstalled..... perhaps.....

    your commands didn't help.

    on my side is more than one thing odd. After the update to the latest plugin, also the email notifications are no longer working (always talking about gui)

    Whats the best approach? Reinstall the plugin. I've already rebooted without help

    further tests lead to the conclusion that the -s switch and the then used cp command isn't used, even selected in the GUI....but is used via cmd line

    hashes are equal! Filename change DOES NOT change hash.

    so almost..... GUI isn't picking up the -s switch

    ....oh and could it be that even though -k 3 is used in scripting, that more than three backups remain?

    6.1.17 is in the repo.

    ALEXSANPEDRO The pool with quote issue should be fixed as well.

    thanks, tested, but still not working as expected

    used the -s switch (same as source)

    The files hashes are:

    source: 6706823168,bf32500a3b863f08c577f40b0a611e71 (filesize,md5 hash)

    kvm plugin: 6706823168,364decab00a6cd443111e9ef65447570 (filesize, md5 hash)

    copy cp command line: 6706823168,bf32500a3b863f08c577f40b0a611e71 (filesize, hash)

    as you can see, the command line copy is identical, your copy isn't

    my assumption is, as you are not only copying but also renaming the file(s). Which is not needed, as you are creating backup folders with the current date and time. You could leave the files untouchted because of that.