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    Hi all,

    I have the a problem with my HP T620 build.

    After adding identical type of memory (from 1 x 4GB to 2 x 4GB), 8GB of memory is recognised in the BIOS, but only 3.xxGB is recognised by OMV 5.

    I checked and have the amd64 kernel.

    The memory bank is correct. Memtest was passed, and swapping the banks of memory made no difference.

    What else can I try?

    I have set my HDD to APM-1 - Minimum power usage with standby (spindown), with 5 minutes spindown time (as i am still in testing phase) and can hear the HDD spin down after 5 minutes.

    Also, power consumption is reduced.

    I have a small update for those interested :)

    I have attached the following disks as mockup:

    1. One USB3 HDD connected to the USB3 port
    2. One USB 1.1/2 stick connected to the internal USB connector on the motherboard
    3. Three 3.5" SATA HDD to the SATA extender (connected to the Mini-PCIe connector)
    4. One SATA SSDconnected to the same SATA extender as above

    I use an old PC power supply to power the PCIe card and the SATA disks.

    The system runs stable and I have measured the following performances:

    Data speed: It seems that the write speed form SATA to USB3 (and vise versa) is fairly stable about 100MB/s.

    Copy from USB3 to SSD is the fastst with speeds up to 125MB/s.

    When I start multiple writes simultaneously, the speeds are split, so that the overall speed is around 100MB/s.

    For what I am using it for; this is more than enough.

    Power consumption (including all disks and power supplies) is around 22W with the HDD spun down.

    When browsing the disks, it is around 35W, and with multiple copy actions simultaneously it consumes around 45W.

    Overall, I am very happy with it, as I have been looking for a cheap low power machine with USB3 and Gigabit ethernet for some time.

    Rough cost:

    HP T620 Quad : € 50

    5xSATA extender, SATA power cable and PCIe converter: € 50

    Power supply: € 5

    SATA HDD (1 TB): spares, but refurbished ones cost around € 15

    It is bigger than a Raspberry, but more convenient (at least for my skill level).

    Hi all,

    I am happy to inform you that the mini-PCIe to PCIe extender and the JMB585 5-port SATA expander (both from a Chinese website) work very well, and were accepted by the HP T620 Thin client (BIOS and OMV6) without any additional actions.

    I cant say much about the speed though, but I will test that in more detail soon.

    I am not looking for maximum performance, just capacity expansion with fault tolerancy.

    To be continued...

    Good day everybody.

    I have recently purchased a HP T620 Thin client.

    It came with Windows 7 embedded, and I tried to install OMV.

    At first, it didn't boot after installation. Even booting with rEFInd didn't help.

    Then I installed Ubuntu, and it booted from the 16GB SSD.

    After that, I installed OMV again, and it (magically) booted from SSD.

    Now I want to take out the WIFI module, freeing up the Mini PCIe connnector.

    I ordered an adapter from Mini PCIe to PCIe, and want to buy a PCIe SATA card (minimum 4 SATA connectors).

    My question is: do I need any drivers or configuration?

    And what SATA card do you recommend?

    Many thanks for your suport!