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    No, I didn't created other users. I installed Rclone inside OMV, this instead is the Syncthing stack:

    I need to sync Google Drive with my PCs so I thought of using Rclone to mount the folder and then sync it with Syncthing. From OMV I can see all Gdrive files but I have permissions issues both with Syncthing than SMB (Windows cannot access).

    I tried to give permissions from ACL but it gives errors, what alse should I do?

    Because when Syncthing do the full rescan needs one hour and half for 60.000 files / 360 gb. Do you think I should move Syncthing rather than hw?

    It's one month that I'm testing OMV + SyncThing on Raspberry Pi4 and I am pretty happy about the result. At the moment I use it only to sync files but I'm thinking to buld a better system with a budget of 150 € hdds excluded. I like the Odroid HC4 and the RockPro64 but probably never will be a big improvement over Pi4 so I'm evaluating to build a mini ITX system maybe with a Asrock J3455. What do you thing about these solutions?

    I'm still testing OMV and Syncthing on Raspberry Pi 4 and now the worst thing is that the rescan take 1 and half hour for 350 gb data. The same work on the pc need less than 10 minutes. Why Syncthing make a rescen every hour? Can be enough do it every 24 hours?

    Thanks, works like a charm!

    I want to try Nextcloud instead of Syncthing but I need to keep my Documents folder on the external hdd as default location for Nextcloud and keep access it from Samba. The problem is that I can't access the folder from Windows because I haven't enogh permissions. What should I do?

    This is my stack:

    I'd use one drive for backups and the other for data, rather than set up RAID. Or both in a mergerfs pool and backup to some other drive/NAS. But I don't have a HC4.

    I once configured a HC1 to have the operating system on the HDD (actually a SSD) rather than using the SD card. I still need to have boot files on the SD card, but after booting the SD card is not used at all.

    In my system I run also Home Assistant with Grafana that reduce really much sd life.

    Buy a 1tb ssd for system+data is wasteful, other solution could be buy a emmc-to-sd or a ssd-to-usb. About the last solution I am in doubt about speed drop caused by usb 2 port.

    I already do this, I can see directory and files but Syncthing give this error:

    Failed to create folder root directory mkdir /media/usb/Prova: permission denied

    Error on folder "Prova" (xq54v-hbpnn): folder path missing