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    Ok so I managed to upgrade to Debian 11 following this article, and now cat /etc/debian_version gives me 11.0. Now I have many dependancy issues:

    I tried out sudo apt --fix-broken install, but it didn't help

    I also got this message halfway through sudo apt --fix-broken install.

    LOL. Did you know it wasn't recommended before you did this? It's hard to have much sympathy when it told you right there what it was doing.

    What is the output of

    cat /etc/debian_version

    Assuming you are on Debian 11... you can reinstall with the install script.

    Yes, I did know. I was actually trying to install Proxmox, which I installed, then decided to uninstall after realising I would need a seperate disk. I probably should've read up about that. I was also fully aware that it could easily break my install, I took the risk for some reason and I regret everything.

    Running cat /etc/debian_version gives me 10.10.

    I'm very confused now, did I downgrade somehow? I swear I was on Debian 11 before...

    I did a apt full-upgrade, which yes I know is not recommended. After doing that command I noticed it said it was removing the openmediavault package, and sure enough, after it was done, openmediavault was gone. When I tried to reinstall it, I get this message:

    I looked into downgrading again, and it seems like it can end up being even more unstable than the original full-upgrade.

    I also noticed there's an alpha version for OMV version 6, would that work on my version of Debian?