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    This dilemma is often raised in this forum. OMV can run on simple boards like the raspberry pi (or other ARMs) or on amd64 systems. There are defenders and detractors of both. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. I'm not going to start a debate on this here, you can search for information, there is a lot.



    Ok so I just want a home NAS/Cloud, I think 2 big ssd connected to USB will be enough then. One main, an the other for backup. As KM0201 said I'll just do a JBOD, I think that willl be enough with Rpi4 ^^
    Thank for your time, your anwsers and your advices ^^

    If you insist on using an SBC for this (I'd use the best Pi 4 you can get).. just get a 4bay enclosure that supports JBOD... Then set up the drives independently on the Pi4/OMV. Then just set up a couple of rsync jobs that sync the drives (ie. sync drive A to B, to drives C to D)

    I'm not quite sure I understood something ^^' like SBC, 4bay enclosure or even JBOD ^^'

    A raspberry pi does it

    Raid is not a backup. A backup is essential, raid is optional

    For use only OMV + nextcloud can work. But I would recommend a PI4. A system with sata is more reliable.


    Ok so I would do backup, no need to buy several disks. Nice

    Just yo clarify, no need to buy Odroid HC2 then.

    But if I understand well, you said that USB can does it on Rpi4 and after you say that SATA is more reliable, but there's not SATA on Rpi4

    And can I do automatic backup with OMV ? And is it going to slowing down the NAS/Nextcloud while backup ?

    Hi everyone, so I tried OMV on a Rpi2 and it works great, then I learn about nextcloud, love it.

    I know where to go for software, but I'm totally lost for the hardware.

    For software, I'm sure I want omv + nextcloud and at least 4To of storage

    I would want a NAS that is capable of taking 4 maximum disk/ssd (I'm not gonna do it right now but just in case in the future)

    I learned about RAID, but I really something secure I really don't want my data is being lost 'cause of RAID failure, so I still don't know if I'll do backup (automatically) or RAID.

    I have a Rpi, but I don't think that USB is going to be great.

    It seems that Odroid HC2 has only 2GB of ram, is it enough for OMV + nextcloud ? (I am going to put music, movies for streaming, documents) and I think I will be the only one with my gf to use it.

    If I buy more disks to do RAID, can I do RAID with Odroid HC2 ?

    And final question, I think I'll take SSD for my NAS because it use less power, less noise and it more reliable, but is RAID necessary on SSD ?

    Sorry, it's messy but thanks for your advices in advance ;)