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    My setup on a Intel NUC6: 1 internal SSD for OMV and systemfiles like Docker. This disk is partioned: 8 GB for OMV (sda2), rest for other systemfiles (sda4). Because I am using Clonezilla (inside OMV) it is easy for me to backup and restore OMV if something is wrong or just for fun. Tried other backup methods but this one works fine for me. In the meantime I have learned not to mess about the OMV-system, took me a long time to correct errors or even restore a complete new system. Don't fix if it ain't broken ;)

    Besides the systemdisk I have 1 SSD for online data and 1 SSD for online backup (rsnapshot). Another SSD is a offline backup (USB backup). And another one for offsite backup.

    For what it's worth, I am using stacks in Portainer. Here is my working example:

    The networkpart is specific for my 'needs', I have created a seperate macvlan network in the networkpart of Portainer.

    Finally I had time to find out. Solution is to install alsa-utils (apt install alsa-utils). After that start alsamixer in SSH and push setting like the screenshot.

    Edit: Left master output must be set to max and all SPDIF-outputs needs to be the 'green 8'. Or just the one you need, try it till you hear audio. Just click on it to enable. There might be more SPDIF's to the right, just hit the cursor-right.

    Sorry about the misunderstanding because of my signature, my mainsystem is based on Pi4 (and OMV).

    The problem is not about Pi or Docker (I think). The subjecttitle is about using the OMV Shairport plugin and Intel NUC on which analogue audio can already be heared (if audio is streamed). My problem is passing that audio to my S/PDIF audiooutput instead of analogue audio on the Intel NUC, for which I use the above configuration files in post #1.

    The way I play audio is i.e. on my iPad, by Plex which is streamed by the Shairpoint plugin. Maybe my information in first post by adding Docker to the problem is misleading, I will adjust/remove that.

    I don't think that Docker is the problem because I can hear audio through the analog output. But I will give it a try and have a look ;)


    I am trying to get S/PDIF working on my Intel NUC, OMV605 install, audio codec Realtek ALC283. Example: I am streaming audio on my iPad with Plex to Shairport. The app can see the shairport and play audio. Analog audio (headphone) plays OK.

    As far as I can see there is only one (old) message on this forum that explains a bit more (this one) with the same problem and same configuration (card 0, device 1). So I tried to figure that out the same way. PCM Stereo is good enough for me, it is just that I would like to make use of my amplifier. Something seems to be different in compare with the old thread because there is still no audio on S/PDIF.

    Can someone, an audio-expert? help me out on this? aplay -v doesn't show anything.

    aplay -l

    root@server02:~# cat /proc/asound/cards
     0 [PCH            ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH
                          HDA Intel PCH at 0x91310000 irq 130

    Post a screenshot of your job. I am guessing you are leaving a field empty.

    Aha, you are right. I didn't need a comment so left the field empty. Filling it with any character does the job right. It doesn't leave a notice that it needs to be filled. Thx for the plugin and pointing that out :thumbup:

    Edit: the commentfield needs to be activated and filled with a character. Deleting the character (because you don't need it) still makes it possible to save the job. Without activation of the field it results in error 400.

    rSnapshot: I can't get it installed. 'Normal' OMV605 install, Docker/Portainer.

    After installation I get a '500 - internal server error - failed to read from socket: connection reset by peer'. Logscreen

    Closing this log-screen and refreshing the plugin-screen looks like the plugin is 'installed'. After adding/creating a rsnapshot task it ends up with an error 400 bad request, the value null is not a string. :/

    Not for me, OMV604, OMV usbbackup 6.0-9, EXT4.

    I made some entries (in services) for backing up some directories to external storage and enabled them. Example: USB disk is NOT connected to OMV and kept in another room. If I want a copy I connect the disk and do nothing. After a while (500 GB, ca. 3 hours) I can see inside the logfiles that backup is finished. Emails are sent of what is done.

    By the way: are we sure that we are talking about the same? Using the USB backup plugin from OMV extra's?