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    Can someone help me to figure out my syslog? Can someone tell me why this IP adress is showing up every few minutes? This my enigma2 satellite receiver. Why in the god's name would it query my OMV?! And how to stop it from doing it?

    I have my hard drives working nonstop, I'm trying to figure out why.


    • syslog.txt

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    So, I have this USB flash drive, and I use RSync to backup some stuff once a week. And once in a while I get this email saying:

    ERROR: Destination storage device not mounted at </srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-d47264cb-909d-464f-b6b7-46ec9a454c8c/>!

    And my USB drive is now accesible. Tried resetting the OMV, didn't help. It's not on the list of my devices. I had to pull it out of the USB port and put it back in and mount it again.

    This already happened 2 or 3 times.

    Any ideas why this happens and what can I do to prevent it?

    Hey guys. So, I cloned my 20GB system SSD to a new 120GB SSD, using Acronis True Image, and that worked fine. But I get this error during booting. It repeats several times before OMV loads, and when it loads it's all good. You can see my images.

    My SSD is here:

    root@openmediavault:/# sudo lsblk /dev/sdc
    sdc      8:32   0 111.8G  0 disk
    ├─sdc1   8:33   0   128M  0 part
    ├─sdc2   8:34   0   512M  0 part /boot/efi
    ├─sdc3   8:35   0 110.2G  0 part /
    └─sdc4   8:36   0   976M  0 part [SWAP]

    And here are all UUIDs:

    But when I go and check /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume I get this:


    This UUID is not present anywhere at the moment, so I assume this is left from my previous SSD, right?

    So, should I replace this? And what to replace it with?

    I found this command:

    sudo update-initramfs -u

    Should I use it to automate this process or to do it manually once I find appropriate UUID?

    I have 28 containers. Here are they:

    I use watchtower to update my dockers and it's set up to delete old images.


    and how did you configure them?

    I don't know what do you mean by this.

    root@openmediavault:/# docker system df
    TYPE            TOTAL     ACTIVE    SIZE      RECLAIMABLE
    Images          28        28        7.41GB    246.1MB (3%)
    Containers      28        25        1.637GB   3.778MB (0%)
    Local Volumes   7         7         322.6MB   0B (0%)
    Build Cache     0         0         0B        0B

    root@openmediavault:/var# du -xhd1
    1.7M    ./backups
    4.0K    ./opt
    4.0K    ./local
    10G     ./lib
    871M    ./cache
    6.9M    ./www
    43M     ./folder2ram
    4.0K    ./mail
    11G     .

    Hey guys. So, I have my 20GB system SSD, and I want to clone it to a bigger 120GB SSD. I have this external USB 3.0 SSD drive which I plan to take out of it's external case and use it in my OMV machine. What's the best approach to do this and to make OMV not notice I did anything at all? :)

    I use Clonezilla to make occasional backups of my system drive, but I don't know if Clonzilla makes a complete clone backup, since my system drive is around 16-17GB occupied, and the Clonezilla backup is around 4.5GB. I don't if Clonezilla uses some compression or something.

    root@openmediavault:/var/lib/docker# docker image prune -a
    WARNING! This will remove all images without at least one container associated to them.
    Are you sure you want to continue? [y/N] y
    Total reclaimed space: 0B

    Is it used in /var/log ?


    I think the docker folder is the problem here. Since I don't want to mess everything up, I will have to clone the drive to a bigger ssd. I have one laying around.

    Can I delete those old kernels?

    So, my system SSD disk is 20GB, and I have a 3X2tb storage disks in ZFS raid. I have 28 docker container services. I get this error notification every day in my mail:

    Event:       Resource limit matched
    Description: space usage 90.0% matches resource limit [space usage > 90.0%]
    This triggered the monitoring system to: alert

    How to find out what's taking up all my SSD storage?

    Also, can swap usage cause this? I have 8GB of ram. Here's a screenshot:


    You didn't understand me. He has Heimdall installed and some shortcuts in it (radarr, sonarr, OMV dashboard and so on). When I click on the radarr for example it should open it via it's ip address. It doesn't, it adds it on top of the Heimdall's ip address, as you can see on my screenshot.


    What is happening to the ports? Is it 83 or 80 you are trying to access?

    Are you referring to my screenshot? If so, I opened Heimdall, which is on the port 83, and clicked on the OMV shortcut, which is on the port 80 as you know, and it gave me a 404 error. I was confused, so I looked up in the address bar and saw what you see on my screenshot. It does that for every shortcut in the Heimdall. One more thing that happened after the blackout. I went to the settings in Heimdall to see if it added that sufix to the ip address, but no, everything looks fine.

    It happened again. Another power outage, another issue. But this time, it was different. Instead of everything resetting back to the defaults, he can't open any of his arr's. Not even the OMV dashboard. It says 404. After I went to see what's going on via AnyDesk, I saw what you see on my screenshot. For some reason, it adds that IP on top of the Heimdall ip address. Weird.

    The second thing I've noticed for a few minutes I was checking it out...last time I was dealing with this thing, and got it back with that weird thing from my last message, I stopped rutorrent, and installed qbittorrent and set it all up. Now ruttorent is started and qbittorrent is back to defaults, like all other dockers. It's like it has Windows Restore, and after every power loss it restores to defaults. I will take the machine to my place again soon, so if you guys have any advice what to check and how, I would appreciate it.

    So, after I turned on the machine, it was all set to defaults, like I said. But then, I started OMV dashboard, and I got that yellow button at the top, saying that some changes occured, and if I wanted to apply them. I clicked the Apply button, and after that everything went back to normal. :/

    OK, I agree with that, but I think it would be incredible for 10-12 dockers to have wrong paths. I repeat, everything worked fine for a month or so until the power outage. I will have the machine tonight, so I will check in more details. I was doing all of this checking so far over AnyDesk.