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    That's the fun I can perfectly login via SSH. If I do stuff via SSH afterwards some of these status messages pop up on my monitor. I first thought it is due a problem of the sd card but after the reinstalled Raspbian worked fine it must be an issue of OMV.

    That's what I see. The loginarea never pops up so I'm not able to login. I can write and so on but it won't accept any commands. Also a new console is not doing anything except for showing an blinking _ all the time.

    If I SHH however the statusbar places some more information but it never let's me login.

    So I've just set up my Pi4 with a new Raspbian and installed OMV completely new. Before I installed it I was able to login via a screen and keyboard. Afterwards I'm just able to login via SSH. The Screen shows me that [Staus] creating the prelogin message is the last status my Pi sends. After that I'm not able to login. If I work via SSH, any changes are shown on screen. What can I do to get able to login via my screen and also via SSH?

    Hi there, what if I would be interested in getting a user with shell permission? How could i realise that?

    Edit: to be more clear: Ive installed OMV on my PI4 and are not able to login via the shell which apears at my monitor. It works more like a statusbar without the possibility to login. How can I change that?