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    I am trying to setup nextcloud on OMV which is running on RPI4

    I have another RPI4 with home assistant running, which already has duckdns and lets encrypt.

    Can I bypass all the swag/Letsencrypt setup from this guide ([How-To] Nextcloud with swag (Letsencrypt) using OMV and docker-compose)?

    I tried deploying stack without swag part, but with uncommented ports in nextCloud (just to test locally). But it does not load. Not sure how this file should be modified in my situation if that is possible at all


    EDIT: There was issue with port forwarding config, as all docker thing is new to me. So now it's up and running with this port config:

    - 11443:443 #Map port 443 in the container to port 11443 on the Docker host.

    This question is still open: So if I would forward 11443 port to my OMV RPI4 in my router would it be some kind of security issue, as all lets encrypt is handled on Home assistant RPI4?

    EDIT2: Tried port forwarding getting "Your connection is not private" from browser and even after ignoring that getting: Access through untrusted domain. So probably it would be more complicated as I expected. No more questions from my side.

    EDIT3: Last edit.

    Basically I left home assistant's lets encrypt and added OMV swag.

    My Home assistant address is unchanged at 

    Nextcloud is with current config is

    Mostly because I wanted to preserve that XXXXX part :-)

    All config:

    /srv/dev-disk-by-label-disk1/appdata/nextcloud/config/www/nextcloud/config/config.php part is only changed by adding this additional overwritehost property line so whole addition looked like so: