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    alright guys, I was able to solve the problem - here is what helped:

    I had specified on ssh config file for both Windows Terminal and VS Code.

    Also in the Remot SSH extension menu, there was still a range of old hosts stored.

    I have now both created a specific ssh file for VS Code and deleted the deprecated hosts.

    Now I am able to login successfully via VS Code over ssh.

    Thanks you so much for helping to solve this one.

    You mean Raspberry Pi Desktop? Or Raspberry OS Lite?


    (because I wanted to maintain the ability to access the root system via RDP. Ironically this isn't working either at the moment. But it did in the past, so I assume it's a bullseye related issue. - That's next on my bugfixing list :D)

    Do you mean the VS Code extension Remote SSH?

    VS Code running on your windows desktop and editing files on a remote Pi with ssh connection?

    Can check tomorrow when I am closer to my pi

    This is precisely what I want to do.

    VS Code will connect to the Pi via ssh and install the "server part" of VS Code automatically. There is no need to have a GUI on the Pi.

    Tried it with my Pi 1 i have here:

    This is what is show in the VS Code Output Window in Windows. DONE01-19 , gkchimz Please check your output an paste it here.
    The reason in my case is on the top:

    ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out

    Same prolem here 🙄...

    Failed to parse remote port from server output

    Hi All,

    I am running OMV on top of regular Raspberry Pi OS.

    I would like to use Visual Studio Code on my Windows machine to Remote SSH into the Pi's directories to edit files.

    But I cannot get a ssh connection with Visual Studio. sadly...

    Failed to parse remote port form server output

    ssh is actived in OMV with port 22.

    I can ssh into the Pi using Windows Terminal without an issue.

    Does anyone have a clue?

    Maybe someone is also using Visual Studio Code?

    Thnx & BR