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    - SATA3 mainboard and SATA2 raid card

    - Nothing wrong with the hard drives, I tried to mount the 6th drive and boom, the

    system reboots again with the following error (see picture).

    The weird thing is that I only want to mount the drive, not trying to remove anything.

    If this is a Debian or raid card error configuring the drive(s) manually would also fail which is not the case.

    The navigation is simple: create a partition and format the drive with the file system tab. Then try to mount the drive and the error occurs. I tried writing zero's to the disc with the cockpit console before and it gave no errors.

    My system is as follows:

    - boot openmediavault from usb-stick.

    - attached are 4 drives 2x ntfs and 2x ext4 through an extra raid controller in my machine (no raid setup).

    - Virtual machine with Windows10.

    - Shared several folders with samba from the mounted drivers.

    No errors so far, everthing was working fine.

    Then I connected all the 4 drives to my internal sata controleer and so far so good, again no errors/crashes.

    However when I start connecting extra drives to the extra raid controller again and partition and format them, the above mentioned error occurs for each drive as soon as I try to mount these extra drives.

    I really want to use the interface of openmediavault but I'm stuck at adding a new drive: the whole damn system reboots if I want to add a new drive!

    So to all: for now you can use this as a workaround until this bug is fixed.

    votdev: until you have a better answer/workaround for this bug I really want to ignore your kind of comments!

    Ok, solved the problem.

    This is definitly a problem of/bug in the openmediavault interface.


    If the drive is visible within the 'drives' tab of the openmediavault interface do the following:

    Open a terminal within cockpit (or use the terminal display after startup) with the 'root' user.

    Discover the uuid of the drive by typing: blkid and remember the uuid of the drive you want to mount.

    See if the folder of this drive exists within the dev folder by typing: cd /dev/disk/by-uuid.

    Then type: ls -l and see if the uuid of the drive is listed (it should be since the drive is vissible).

    Now go to the folder srv with: cd /srv and see that a folder exists with the name dev-disk-by-uuid-<yourdrives UUID>.

    If it does not exist create it with: mkdir dev-disk-by-uuid-<yourdrives UUID> and give it the proper userrights (same userrights as the existing drives? -> list user rights of existing drives with: ls -l and change userrights with chmod u=rwx,g=rwx,o=rwx).

    Now edit fstab to ensure that the drive is mounted each time you start openmediavault with: pico /etc/fstab.

    Add a line at the end of fstab like this: /dev/disk/by-uuid/<yourdrives UUID> /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-<yourdrives UUID> ext4 defaults,nofail,user_xattr,usrjquota=aquota.user,,jqfmt=vfsv0,acl 0 2

    Save the fstab file.

    Now create your own shared folders on this drive with: mkdir /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-<yourdrives UUID>/<your shared folders name> and give it the proper userrights with chmod.

    To access this shared folder with Windows make it a samba share by editing the smb.conf file as follows: pico /etc/samba/smb.conf and copy the contents of an already samba share folder to the end of the file and edit it by replacing the path with: path = /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-<yourdrives-UUID>/<your shared folders name>/ .

    Reboot the system and now your created folder is visible in Windows. However, the shared folder is NOT vissible within the openmediavault interface!

    Hi all,

    I'm having the following issue with openmediavault:

    I attached a new 3 Tb drive and within the openmediavault interface I partitioned and formatted the drive which is then visible in the 'filesystem' tab.

    However as soon as I try to mount the drive it gives me the following error: 'Removing the directory '/' has been aborted, the resource is busy.' and than the whole system reboots.

    Why can't I attach another drive (it worked with the other four drives (2 x ext4 and 2 x ntfs)?

    Having the same issue with a 3 Tb drive.

    I tried mounting the drive and then openmediavault crashes with the following error: 'Removing the directory '/' has been aborted, the resource is busy.' and the system reboots.

    Then I re-partioned and formatted the drive added it to fstab and rebooted so now the drive is visible in 'filesystem' but when I try to add a shared folder the drive is not showing up?

    Newbie here and trying for a few days to get a win10 virtual machine running with KVM or Cockpit but not successfull:(.

    Seems that my virtual machine is running since it is using cpu and memory. However when I click on 'start remote viewer' in Cockpit a download.vv file is downloaded on my windows machine but gives the following error: unable to connect to graphic server: download.vv

    Why can't I connect to the graphical server with the viewer?

    Thanks in advance!