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    if you keep the same UUIDs it should be ok. I recently migrated from one drive to another one and at the same time I created a new partition on the system drive. everything works well here.
    in any case I think that the most important thing is step 1).... ;)

    it's not an obvious question!!

    1) run clonezilla and make a copy of your current setup on one of the data drives. this is your insurance policy. if something goes wrong you can go back to your current setup in a few easy steps with clonezilla...just restore the saved image.
    2) boot a linux distribution with gparted (knoppix...systemrescuecd...)
    3) run gparted and resize the partitions so that swap and sda1 (?) together are 80GB. take note of the partitions UUID's before resizing. this is important.
    4) check the UUIDs of the now resized partitions to make sure that they are the same. if they have changed restore the original UUIDs with gparted.
    5) shut down and reboot clonezilla. clone the system drive to the new SSD drive.
    6) job done! unplug the old drive and leave the new one in...the system should boot normally.

    let us know how it goes.


    Why would you put the OS on a 500gig drive? The actual install is typically less than 5gigs, and since the OS takes the entire drive (w/o some editing on your part)... you'd essentially be wasting 495gigs.

    Hi KM0201,
    My OS drive is also used for other things (see my original post) so the remaining space would not be wasted.
    I agree on the fact that a 2.5" drive may be an interesting alternative....


    I would go for the ssd too. I don't know if there are comparable tools to L2ARC and ZIL available under OMV, but your NAS would be ready for them when it will. In my opinion, ssd is the future for the main OS in a system, if u can, go for it.

    I'm still new to OMV, but isn't it normal behavior for the main HDD to always spin? I had my setup ready 2 days ago and I can always hear it spinning as well. My data drives are running smoothly and I can only hear them when the data is on demand or being written on.

    this is a normal behavior as the system access the dives regularly to update the logs.

    I’m looking for suggestions. I have an HP N54L and I use the 250GB “stock” hard drive as system drive. On this drive I created a 220GB partition (about 20GB are left to OMV) where I keep btsync files and a temporary download folder. This is to ensure that all data drives can spin down during the night while btsync and other services can run from the system drive which is always spinning. Everything works perfectly, but the system drive has just developed a bad sector. I believe that this drive may be on his last leg so I’m thinking of replacing it. I want to clone the current setup on the next system drive. The options that I have are:

    500GB WD Blue £35 (here in the UK)
    500GB WD Re (not Red) £56
    64GB SSD drive – cost between £35 and £50 depending on brand/model.

    1TB drives are in the above price range but they would be, from a size poin of view, an overkill...

    Although my setup is mostly a home entertainment / data sharing system I want to ensure good reliability (data drives are all WD Red).
    The WD blue and the SSD options are both relatively cheap and probaly quite reliable.
    The Re drive is more expensive but it will give a bullet proof solution considering the standard 5 years guarantee.
    Which of the above options would you recommend? Any thoughts?

    Question to Moderators and Developers...

    We now have 77 votes in for our "plugins that are wanted". At this point, which plugings are most likely to be worked on?
    Is it worth highlighting the plugins that are being worked on (or that are planned)?



    P.S. it looks like I just graduated to "student" Woohoo!! :) I never understood how this works!

    Strangly running an ls -l I found that the owner of the folder was set as Btsync and the owner was nogroup! ...I don't know what happened!
    I realize that 777 was overkill...I just wanted to make sure that it worked.
    I'll revert the plex database folder to 775.

    Just to check, what owner/group should I have for the plexmediaserver folder?

    I found the problem!! the permissions of the plexmediaserver folder were wrong... I had to chmod -R 777 the folder and now it works...
    you put me on the right track. thank you!!

    I'm afraid it doesn't work...
    under the running services tab, the plex service has a nice red spot.

    from the command line

    root@openmediavault:~# service plexmediaserver restart
    Plex Media Server is not running (no process found)...
    Starting Plex Media Server: done

    Hi I freshly installed OMV 1.0.
    Plex installed without problems but when I try to enable it I get the following error

    Plex was already installed on OMV 0.5 and I'm now trying to use the same database folder....



    I'm not sure of what's going on...can you make sure that the permissions that you set for the shared folders where rsnapshot is saving are correct? you may need to give permissinons to rsync or sync to read and write for the shared folders you're using for the backups...

    check that under advanced permissions you propagate the same set of permissions to all subfolders within the backup share.