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    Sorry but i forgot to say that port 443 are in use in another applications in my router . I use port 444 in my router to Nextcloud and it work from all computers except from my work computer.

    Port 80 is the connected to Openmediavault and the server with Nextcloud. And a rather would like to use domain/nextcloud so my family understand better where to go.

    Or best case would be that everyone can login in to OMV and then they got links to all services they need and have access to.

    I need to set up Nextcloud direct under root.

    Like "" or IPaddress/nextcloud because I can´t use ports from my workcomputer so docker is not an alternative , it´s that I have now but can´t reach nextcloud or other apps in the docker.

    Or if I can somehow redirect to a docker without the port number involved .

    Hope you understand my question.