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    Thanks for your prompt help

    Samsung M3 1TB USB 3.0 Portable

    yes, no external power supply

    yes, Official power supply

    I think I might have found the problem

    I unplugged the drive and plugged it back in and did a OMV reboot.

    I have just powered down the RP4 through OMV and manually restarted it and everything seems to working:)

    I have a USB 3 drive attached to the RPi4 and I've setup smb on OMV. I have mapped the drive on Win 10 PC. I keep losing connection to the drive from my PC. I have restarted and attached the drive in a different slot but to no avail. Appreciate your advise, thanks

    In the OMV log, I am getting this error repeatedly, see below

    Nov 22 17:57:37 raspberrypi systemd[1087]: run-docker-runtime\x2drunc-moby-50e43d6be91e3957f01e6b1c44195e24e984647d6692b4eea019ecf1afad4ff7-runc.gaJVPg.mount: Succeeded.

    Nov 22 17:57:37 raspberrypi systemd[1]: run-docker-runtime\x2drunc-moby-50e43d6be91e3957f01e6b1c44195e24e984647d6692b4eea019ecf1afad4ff7-runc.gaJVPg.mount: Succeeded.

    Nov 22 17:57:43 raspberrypi monit[831]: Lookup for '/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-544209A342098B46' filesystem failed -- not found in /proc/self/mounts

    Nov 22 17:57:43 raspberrypi monit[831]: Filesystem '/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-544209A342098B46' not mounted

    Nov 22 17:57:43 raspberrypi monit[831]: 'filesystem_srv_dev-disk-by-uuid-544209A342098B46' unable to read filesystem '/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-544209A342098B46' state

    Nov 22 17:57:43 raspberrypi monit[831]: 'filesystem_srv_dev-disk-by-uuid-544209A342098B46' trying to restart

    Nov 22 17:57:43 raspberrypi monit[831]: 'mountpoint_srv_dev-disk-by-uuid-544209A342098B46' status failed (1) -- /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-544209A342098B46 is not a mountpoint