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    So I decided to upgrade from sardaukar to Kralizec (currently on Kralizec 1.12)
    Had to do a clean install.. So far everything works and was able to re-add all the hard drives with the greyhole plugin.

    My only issue is that now after installing plex. It refuses to automatically start up on boot up and refuses to start up at all. It only ran one time, then once I reboot it stopped working and doesn't want to start up. I ran -> /etc/init.d/plexmediaserver start (which doesn't do anything) I also did (service plexmediaserver start) which also did nothing. when I check if plex is running with -> /etc/init.d/plexmediaserver status (it tells me its not running and that no process has been found)

    Only thing I did was with nano change the plex user to root under /etc/default/plexmediaserver.
    I only did that Because Plex was not able to see the Greyhole shared foler, Only way I got Plex to see the Greyhole share was after I made that change, But then once I reboot plex wasn't working.

    I had to also make that change when I was running Sardaukar. But plex always worked with that change.. now for some reason its not.. I would like to know how am I able to get plex to boot up automatically and also make sure that Plex can view the Greyhole Share

    Any Help is appreciated

    Thank You

    I think the problem is perms. The files moved via mc do not have correct chown.

    I was able to do it. What I did was i mounted the Greyhole Share Locally in OMV, then just used MC to move the files from the Data drive to the Greyhole Share. This also helped me balance the files between the 2 drives.

    This was very useful:…e/wiki/MountSharesLocally

    A mistake I made first time with greyhole when moving the files to the pool was. I moved it to -> /media/hdd_name/SHARED, But I was supposed to move it to mnt/samba/SHARED <- which is the actual pool... /media/hdd_name/SHARED kept the files on only ONE HDD, thats why it wasn't balancing for me

    The fstab entries are processed before network is up so you need to add something to the fstab entry to delay the mount of the network filesystem (I don't remember what exactly it right now).

    I suggest you to use the remoteshare plugin instead, as this has some fixes applied too and it is exactly made for what you want to do.


    Yea Im using the Remote Share plugin now that you recommended, but it only mounts if I do (mount -a) on every reboot
    any work around to "permanently " mount it?

    Its the number of copies that will be generated, adding to the source file, thus 1 copy makes 2 files.

    But may I ask why you use Greyhole? If you want a simple backup? Use rsync or RAID1 instead.


    Oh ok I see, I actually am trying to setup Greyhole, Because I am planing on using OMV as a Fileserver, PlexMediaServer and as a PVR with SickRage/CouchPotatoe.

    I was hoping I can use Greyhole on OMV as I was using a drivepooling software on windows called "StableBit Drive pool", I really hate using windows as a server. So I would like to use the greyhole feature of OMV to have many drives connected and show up as one, in case one drive fails I can just add another drive and greyhole can just seems simple to do with Greyhole, I mean thats what I understood greyhole is for, and that's what I'm trying to accomplish.

    when I tested in virtualbox, I messed around with removing and adding new drives, and I noticed that greyhole took the files of the drive that was leaving the pool, then added it to the NEW drive I added and rebuilt on the new drive.

    This is what im trying to do but on a real system.


    I think Im on to something, So I re-installed OMV over again and started fresh. But this time Im moving the files I need into the pool a different way.

    The way I was doing it before -> I Used MC - (MidnightCommander) via SSH in putty to move the files from a separate data drive to the "Shared" folder I created that was being used as the pool of the 2 other drives in OMV.
    I figured I do it this way to copy the files over faster to the pool, since its 1.50TB of data I need to move into the pool. Was able to copy all the files from the Data drive to the Shared folder
    (But This option didn't balance though)

    The way I did it just now is as a test, Im moving 60GB of data from the "Data drive " I have in OMV I made a share of it so I can access that drive on windows. I then opened the "Shared" folder which is the pool with the 2 drives (which is mapped on windows).
    Im am using windows to copy from the "data" folder I shared to the "shared" mapped folder which is the pooled 2 drives.
    (This way greyhole is balancing, but using windows to transfer files from 1 HDD to another HDD that is on OMV is taking very long over the network)

    So my question is, is there a FASTER way to move the files i need into the Pool, without having to use windows to transfer it to the pool?????

    Two copies with 2 drives? You have to set copies to 1 then. Not sure why it isn't balancing.

    I thought if I wanted backups I put in a second drive and put in "2" to make 1 extra copy of each file... Ok so If I put "1" but have 2 drives, it will just balance it, but I wont have the backups right? was kinda hoping I could get backups

    The green LED is only showing if OpenMediaVault detects the PID file of the service. Maybe it isn't creating the PID file correctly after a reboot.

    ok, so that red light isn't nothing to worry about right?


    Ok so I set it back to "1" under the samba shares the # of copies, Reboot omv, and the balancing still not working

    I got a question about balancing, well a few questions / issues i'm having.

    I tried greyhole in a virtualbox (TESTING ENVIRONMENT, SEPARATE MACHINE) with 2x4TB drives. Added files to the share that is in the pool and greyhole balanced the files to both drives.

    Now I am using Greyhole on an actual system also with 2x4TB drives, But one of the drives that are in the pool is 42% full and the second drive in the pool is 0% full. When I click on "file balance" nothing seems to happen". I have the "Share" set-up to make "2" copies of the files.

    On windows7 I mapped the share from the OMV pool, and it is showing the value of both drives that are in the pool as one which is 7.16 TB.

    So when the 1st drive gets full will it fill up the second one? Also How long will it take for greyhole to balance the files?
    I don't think that anything seems to be going on, I cant seem to get this to work, could some one help me out?

    *something strange I can't seem to fix*
    in OMBwebUI under Services, Greyhole is Enabled but under "running" it has a Redlight instead of green. In virtualbox I had the same issue, I reinstalled OMV the 32bit version and 64bit version, like 10x each and followed this tutorial all times, and that light is always red, starts of green, but after a re-boot it goes red.

    when I ssh into the machine via putty and do a "service greyhole status" command from the terminal it says greyhole is running, can't seem to figure out whats going on

    any help is appreciated and thanks in Advance

    So Im trying to Permanently mount a windows share in OMV.
    I am able to temporarly mount it in the command line, but when I reboot OMV, share is gone and I have to do “mount –a” for it to mount. I have edited /etc/fstab, I have added this line

    // /mnt/cifs cifs username=diego,password=myname,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 0

    And also tried

    // /mnt/cifs cifs ,auto,username=diego,password=myname,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 0

    It works temporarily, but when I reboot OMV the share is gone.
    How can I make it so it stays permanent?

    Thank you

    Ok I got it to finally work! :D this made my day, when I reboot it starts up automatically, just what I needed

    anyways if anyone else happens to see this thread and is wondering how i did it, here you go:



    (depending on which architecture you got)

    dpkg -i utorrent*.deb

    update-rc.d utorrent-server defaults


    then do example:



    Quote from "tekkbebe"

    This is what we all do. We try to find a good guide. If we cannot we go from scratch. There has to be a good one out there for Debian. BTW, is that "Under the Dome" show any good?

    Yea I figured it in my VM, got it working on my actual OMV machine now, thank goodness :D

    And yea, Under The Dome is awesome. One of my favorite shows i'm watching right now, really good story

    Quote from "tekkbebe"

    Yes, did you search the forum? I think their are some posts on how to set it up, but a little dated.

    yep, first thing I did was search. the ones I found in regards to utserver, ended with someone saying to install "flexget" and the rest pretty much was a dead end without a solution, for me anyways, I did a search in the plugins section

    I have searched some youtube videos, there is one, followed it to the T, but didn't work for me, looks like a old video

    Hey everyone,

    Im wondering if its possible to run Utserver in OMV in the background
    and have it auto start on bootup?

    I know about transmission, but for some reason I can't cross seed with transmission,
    could only get it to work with Utorrent.

    Only way Im able to get utserver to work is through putty, but it only runs in the terminal,
    If I close the terminal then utserver stops working. I'm looking for a permanent solution.

    Does anyone have utserver setup on OMV and could help me figure this out?

    Would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

    Quote from "davidh2k"

    Erm, then why don't you copy it over to the other PC? Without the VirtualDisk ??


    because on the other PC, I only have a 500GB HDD. I need to move 1.3TB of data some where else. So i can format my OMV data drive from NTFS to Ext4 and then move the data back once its formatted. since I don't have a spare 2tb-4tb drive I figured I use the virtual one just for the time being while I format

    The virtual machine I would be using would be installed, in a second computer I have. Totally separate from the OMV one. In that one I would create a share. then just move the data from the NTFS drive that is in OMV, to the other machine on the network that is in the virtual machine...So this wont work correct??

    If not Im going to try the method you explained, fingers crossed lol

    Alright so this might sound like a crazy question, but I want to know if this is possible, before I make a mistake and break something and end up losing data.

    I have a 4TB drive that is in the NTFS format(Currently used as my data drive in OMV). I need to format it to Ext4. I can't just format it, because it is filled with about almost 1.3TB of data consisting of movies/ tv shows.

    Is it possible for me to install an OS in Virtualbox or a virtual machine. Create a virtual HDD with about 2TB of space, Create a share. Move my files from the NTFS drive to the Virtual HDD. Format the NTFS drive to ->ext4. Then move the data back, when its formatted to ext4???

    Is this possible?? and also is it safe? its just a temporary solution as I don't have another drive I can move the data to.

    any help is appreciated

    Thank you

    in OMV, under OMV, do you have OMV repository checked and the testing one checked??
    also when you click on the secondary Tab, do you have miller, and miller testing checked???

    I had those same problems while I was installing, checking those helped me to install the sick-rage couchpotatoe that is on the first page.
    when I first tried to install the script without those checked. I had the same issues you are having but with the one on the first page...checking those things solved my problem...I have the torrent fork installed, its called sick-rage, and that is how I got mines to work

    I recently built a machine that im currently using for OMV only. It has 2 ethernet ports on the MB. so its why I choose it this MB for the build. But after installing OMV, I had that same problem you are having. Transferring files, and also to login to OMV in the browser was taking really long. So I just put a Nic card in the PCI slot, and now my speeds and everything are back to normal. and I can login to the browser fast...So yea the NIC is the culprit

    Quote from "Humbert"

    thank you, but I can unrar de file on my windows laptop, that's not a problem.
    the problem is executing it, for which I think it needs to be on the disk where the OMV is installed.
    problem is I do not know how to get it there.

    I appologise if my issues are stupid, but I had no previous experience with Linux until I installed OMV 2 weeks ago.
    and since I like OMV so much (by the way, congratulations to the developers), I think it would be a pity not to use it at its full capacities.


    im still learning my way around linux to, can be complicating for new comers.
    But you will get the hang of it, im still learning too.


    You will need the SSH plugin enabled in OMV. So login to OMV and put a check next to "enable" under
    the SSH plugin that is on the left side bar of OMV.

    On your windows machine download and install a program called "Putty".
    in putty enter YOUR omv IP address like the picture below. remember put in YOUR IP address of your OMV machine. the one
    in the picture is an example of mines.

    Then hit the Open button, Then type your Username followed by your password.
    To become root I usually type Su -l in putty, then type my password.

    Then just enter the information you see in the first page of this thread or the script info you are trying to install

    Good Luck

    Quote from "jhmiller"
    tar zxf unrarsrc-5.1.5.tar.gz
    cd unrar
    make -f makefile
    install -v -m755 unrar /usr/bin

    root@HOMESERVER:/media/Downloads/unrar# unrar
    UNRAR 5.10 beta 4 freeware Copyright (c) 1993-2014 Alexander Roshal

    you will need it install build-essentials and maybe other packages needed to compile.

    this helped me get the "unpack" option in Sick-rage to work,
    By the way, love the script, makes life so much easier


    ohh ok, I didn't know that NTFS was a problem under linux. I only have been using NTFS because I switched to OMV from windows home server 2008. So as I only have 1 NTFS 4TB data drive full with data, I have been using that. But I will get a 2nd 4TB drive and format it with Ext4 for use with OMV and will try setting up the owncloud again after I format to ext4 and move the data to it, to see if I can get it to work.

    Yea your right, But I cloned the SSD that OMV is installed on, Pretty much a working copy with everything pre-installed. So in case I mess something up, I can just just re-image the OMV back to its original state in like 2-3 minutes, and i'LL be back in business. That backup saved me quite a few times from having to re-install OMV over again lol. I had to learn the hard way.

    I already got Plex and use it myself to stream to my phone on the go. I Just noticed in plex where there are the 3 dots when you click on a TV show/movie, there is the option to download it...think I will share with my friends like that for now and through FTP, Been using FTP. But Im looking for a solution to be able to upload files from my phone on the go to my home/OMV machine...that would be awesome...

    PS I tried the turnkey version of owncloud iso in Virtualbox on OMV. It worked, But I can't seem to figure out how to use a folder on the Physical drive instead of a virtual folder. Don't want to have my data saved to the Virtual HDD, but want it to be saved to the Physical.

    Thanks for all the Tips-pointers, appreciate it