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    now I have the problem that my OMV is no longer recognized in the network. can also not access the Webui :( you should do what with SSH but have no idea how that works

    So I only connected the hard drive with the OMV, after that went. After connecting the other hard drives, everything worked as usual. Now I just have to find the OMV in the network, thanks for the help <3

    Hello, first of all, I do not know Linux so well, I'm just learning. Now I have the following problem, after a mainboard change I get this error message:

    mdadm found some drive for an array that is already active: /dev/md0 Mdadm giving up

    Gave Up waiting for root filge system device. Common Problems:

    -Boot args (cat /proc/cmdline)

    - Check rootdelay = (did the system wait enough?)

    -Missing modules (cat /prox/modules ; is /dev

    ALERT! /dec/sda1 does not exist . Dropping to shell

    I have connected all hard drives and changed all cables no result. Maybe one of you can help me ?



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