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    I was using /sharedfolders until recently too. Upon reboot the files would not show up. They were still under /srv/name etc.

    My setup includes mergerfs. I believe something must have changed with the last updates.

    Anyway like gderf says, if you point to the qualified path you should be ok.

    Copying data does not populate OMV's internal configuration. You have to actually recreate the shares in the OMV GUI. Did you do that?

    Sorry yes I should have been clearer. The data is all good. No issues there at all. I used rysnc to copy between servers etc (after creating the shares).

    Eventually, we just mapped Plex directly to his data under the /srv directory and that solved the problem.

    Exactly what I have done now. I did have it mapped to /sharedfolders on the previous build without any issues.


    Exactly what does this mean?

    I was changing to larger drives so decided to rebuild another OMV system. Once complete I copied my data to the new system.

    Instead of looking under /sharedfolders for your files... look under /srv. You should see your UUID's for your disk, and you should see one created for your merged system... This is where your data is.. it's not gone.

    Yes I have already mapped (where I had mappings to /sharedfolders) to /srv

    It's just that the files under /sharedfolders before. Just not sure what has changed.


    Ok that worked. I recreated the share with others as read-only as you advised. Also gave my user read/write under privileges. Now copying a large movie over to see how it works. Not sure how good it will be in a VM. Thank you so much with your help with this.

    I'm liking what I see with this software. Looks like a great community too. Just the way it should be.

    I use mostly macs here. To be honest not sure what would be faster anyway SMB / AFP. I noticed you are using the new version. I put it on a VM but not gotten round to having a play yet. How stable would you say it is? Do all the plugins work?


    I have been a Synology user for the past 3 years. I currently own a DS413. This unit serves MOST of my needs.

    On it I currently run SabNZBD, Sickbeard, Transmission, PhotoStation, Antivirus & Wordpress. It also serves as a VPN server and serves all my media to Plex which is on a Mac Mini. I have been a mac user for around 7 years now but prior to that I didn't mind putting together my own PC's.

    The reason I am thinking about moving away from Synology to a more purpose built NAS is so that I can get Plex transcoding directly from the NAS. Some it just wont do from the Synology. To be honest with you I have looked at UnRAID, FreeNAS, NAS4Free as well as Ubuntu Server. However I do like the look of OMV and its hats off to you guys.

    Currently I am testing in a VM on Fusion before I rush out and buy new hardware. I am having an issue with Plex ( and have posted in the plugin area. The other packages I mentioned, do they work without issue on OMV? The Synology has been as stable as a rock and I would be reluctant to move away from it to encounter any issues. I also understand that version 1 of OMV is in the works and maybe I should hold off until then. If someone can maybe talk me through the pros and cons of what I'm looking to do that would be great.

    So far I think i've found a case I like, the Silverstone DS 380. However I would like to change the fans to some quieter models if this is possible? Thinking of starting with 4 X 4TB drives in RAID10 with OMV running from a 32GB SSD that I have. Can someone recommend a board, CPU and passive cooler to complete the NAS?

    Your thoughts and help are very much appreciated.

    Kind Regards,

    Hi I am currently testing OMV in a VM on my Mac. I have the basics setup (hopefully correctly) and have installed the Plex Plugin. When I tried to add a folder, for instance Movies, Plex cannot drill down to it.

    Here is my setup:

    The Shared folders. My user is a member of users and has read/write this this.

    The share under AFP.

    My 2 folders I have created for the test.

    Plex Media Server Installed.

    As you can see no Movies or TV Shows folder appear.

    Can someone point me in the right direction? The Synology makes this so easy.