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    I installed OMV 5.6.13 on VirtualBox 5.2.8. (2 GB RAM). The installation succeeded very fast and without issues. However on reboot it hangs after checking the disk and the CPU usage stays at 100%.

    I rebooted and changed "quiet" to "single" the Grub boot parameter so that I can see more details.

    The startup hangs at activating swap (see attachment).

    Why is this happening? Is there an issue with running OMV under VirtualBox?

    You have a lot of variables here and you should start by narrowing things down:

    1. How fast can you read files from the USB HDD to the RPi? (dd if=/path/to/large_file_on_usb of=/dev/null status=progress)
    2. How fast is your network? Use netcat to benchmark:
      on client:
      nc -l 1122 > /dev/null
      on RPi:
      dd if=/dev/zero bs=100000 count=1024 | nc <client IP> 1122
    3. If those are fast, then your client might not be able to write very fast
    4. Also, if you try to transfer lots of small files it will always be slower than one large file

    Not familiar with OMV yet (still exploring it), but (for TrueNas), Kodi NFS has the the following requirements:

    * NFS v3 for browsable shares

    * allow non-root mount

    * allow for insecure ports to be used

    * Serve UDP and TCP with 4 servers.

    On my Linux server I simply use NFS v3 shares

    On the TrueNas, I share NFS v4, but allow non-root mount and this allowed me to mount the shares but not browse them