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    My installation hangs while booting for 10-15 minutes, sometimes even more. Its seems to stop showing the following line: "umount: /var/spool: not mounted"
    Some other lines like this are shown before, and some other failing doing chown for dmesg.
    Sorry, I can't get a copy from that output.

    Does anyone knows what could be failing?

    Dear friend. Since some changes been done to openmediavault plugin system and domoticz itself, I left the maintenance of this package aside.
    I really encourage you to try using the docker plugin and install the official domoticz container.
    By this you get a self updating installation and solves some of the coms issues we had.
    Just remember to backup your database on your previous installation and import it on the container.
    Take a look at the container configuration paying special attention to the config folder mapping (I directly mapped my old one) and ports redirection, so you get the same server access.

    Good luck.

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    I've tried to uninstall the mysql plugin but it thows the following error:

    Trying to show docker plugin page.


    Error: "Operation timed out after 30001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received" - Code: 28

    I will reboot the server, kill all the containers and try to enable it again.
    Is something needed to get ready after this update like changing configuration files or something?
    Now you have a cobaya.


    And docker-plugin again offline

    Lately it's powered off every night. So that's an after boot output.

    Please, can you tell me if it's possible to force not starting all the containers on boot?
    I want to test if I can start the plugin without the containers starting or already started.

    I have the emby container. Could that be that the container starting delays too much? Or it being already started?

    Thank you.

    ps aux | grep docker
    root      4860  0.0  0.0 199752 31436 ?        Sl   08:05   0:02 /usr/bin/docker daemon -p /var/run/ -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock -H tcp:// -g /var/lib/docker/openmediavault
    root      5243  0.0  0.0  75884 23304 ?        Sl   08:05   0:00 docker-proxy -proto tcp -host-ip -host-port 8080 -container-ip -container-port 80
    root      5266  0.0  0.0  75884 23272 ?        Sl   08:05   0:00 docker-proxy -proto tcp -host-ip -host-port 8282 -container-ip -container-port 80
    root     20826  0.0  0.0   9008  1980 pts/0    S+   11:58   0:00 grep docker

    *After "removed" there's not any cr. Command line started just after it. If that has any importance.

    Hi Nicjo. That also didn't work. "Gateway Error"
    And every time I do a save, processor usage raises around 20% and also memory.
    Process list shows one omv-engined fixed at @20% cpu for each attempt.

    That didn't work. Could be something related to some container not sending the expected response in time to the plugin? Does it make sense?

    From the last OMV update I can't start back docker. It happened to be offline while I was replacing a disk.
    Now every time I enable and save, throws some error saying "communication failure" or "504 Gateway Time-out"

    Does anyone knows whats the problem about?

    Problem solved. Thanks!

    PD: Do you find possible to move the AUFS poolshare to the parity disk?
    PPD: It's normal to have the / folder full of deb packages?
    During the today's update more errors showed while applying the new kernel. Something like no dkmg file or anything.

    Just booted to parted magic and as I opened gparted, it showed a warning with GPT partition not fully set up. After I allowed the fix, it showed the empty space. I just grown it and I'm booting into OMV again to see.

    It could be that the clonezilla I used was an old version. This one I used now has only two weeks.

    Sorry I didn't see your request until now.